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Mission: The mission statement of DigitalGuruSanjog Seminars and Training is to “provide training that impacts lives both now and in the next generation.” It is our commitment to enrich the lives of young people of India.

Vision: To be the cutting edge leader in Digital Marketing World

Digital Marketing Training
Digital Marketing Seminar


Lively, interactive, and fun seminars help participants learn and improve the career-focused Digital Marketing skills with advanced tools and techniques. These new skills nourish them to move up and to achieve their potential in this exciting digital world.

These programs range in length from a 40- minute keynote address to a full-day workshop. Follow the links below to view a full outline of the program.

This program (Digital Marketing Training and Seminars) is the source of non-stop, career-building, digital secrets that can sharpen your Digital Marketing skills and jump-start your journey to everything you want.

What will I learn during the Digital Marketing Training Session:

3 key roles being a Digital Marketing Expert

  1. 10 Step approach of a Successful Digital marketer.
  2. 6 Steps customer Acquisition Formula.
  3. Our Proven 4C’s formula to succeed in Digital Marketing.

Discover the new way of leading a career in Digital Marketing:

  1. In Digital Marketing for entrepreneurs, Students, Job Seekers, and anyone who would love to be a part of Digital Marketing.
  2. Catering to professionals looking to transition into Digital Marketing roles.

Follow the links below to view Digital Marketing Training specific program outlines:

  1. Make your business “Online” with “Google My Business”: 
  3. Free tools for Work from Home during Lockdown conditions due to Corona Virus attack.
  4. Rank On First Page of GOOGLE Within 15 Days: 

Know the secret behind why people follow DigitalGuruSanjog to make their Digital Marketing career.

  1. The Polished Edge on Digital Marketing.
  2. How to Deal with Difficult tasks of Search Engine Optimization to rank Google.
  3. How to Get Hired at your dream company.
  4. Social Media Marketing and its advantages for any organization.
  5. Why and How to Create Google Ads and Facebook ads are the way to go.
  6. How to use Digital Marketing skills in Customer-Driven Service.
  7. How to use Digital Marketing skills in the overall growth of startups.
  8. “You Can’t Push a Chain”-Leading with Influence Not Intimidation.


Training and Seminars of Digital Marketing are pleased to tailor training to meet the needs of your organization. Training schedules can be flexible to offer full-day, half-day, or “over-lunch” workshops.

Allows your organization to:

  1. Stretch your expertise in Digital Marketing.
  2. budgeted – train more for less.
  3. Choose a time and schedule that suits your needs.
  4. Promote teamwork and camaraderie as people learn together.
  5. Communicate the commitment to provide professional development.

Digital Marketing Training & Seminars for Businesses:

At DigitalGuruSanjog, our Digital Marketing Training is designed to help companies grow together as a team and make sure the right person is in the right place all the time. We will help you develop your teams’ Digital Marketing skills such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Content Writing, and many more.


It has been proven that these skills account for over 80% of your company’s success. When your team understands the techniques of Digital Marketing on a higher and more confident level, they will build Sales Funnel not only with prospect leads but also convert them into your customers. Building and enhancing Digital Marketing skills will guarantee that you always have the right person doing the right task.


Once your company has these skills in place, then DigitalGuruSanjog will assist you in further developing these skills set with your technical skills, sales, management, and operations skills to maximize results and productivity in a positive environment.


Most training companies use a cookie-cutter method and attempt to find a program that will fit your needs. At DigitalGuruSanjog, we build a custom program to provide the company. 


You wouldn’t buy a pair of pants that fit in the waist but are 3 inches too short on the inseam. At DIgitalGuruSanjog, we believe your companies training should never fall short of providing your needs in every area.

Digital Marketing Training & Seminars for Start-ups:

We also have Digital Marketing Training and Seminars for individuals or groups, or start-ups looking to grow. DigitalGuruSanjog uses high-impact, break-through Digital Marketing processes of SEO, SMM, and Lead Generation so that our participants will experience immediate and long-term changes in all sectors, including Retails, Education, financial, health, and IT.

All of our Digital Marketing programs are taught using accelerated learning techniques of Digital Marketing with a high amount of involvement. We have found this brings quick results with our Clients to learning faster, remembering more, and having a great time as they grow.

DigitalGuruSanjog believes that most people are held back in life because of something they fear. Our Digital Marketing programs are designed to take the individuals on a journey and discover what it is that has been holding them back and allow them to step past that fear and use it as a motivator to get to their real purpose in life and start living the life you were meant to live.

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