This is All about first Metaverse wedding in India was attended by 500 guests and two brand associations. Here’s how it was done

all about first metaverse wedding in india

Here’s how India’s very first 3D wedding was conducted in the Metaverse

The very first Indian marriage in the Metaverse was accompanied by two brand associations, too.

Here’s how Wavemaker was able to help with the execution.

Abhijeet as well as Sansrati who got married on February 5, 2022, became the first Indian couple to marry in an 3D Metaverse. The wedding ceremony took place in the Yug Metaverse (made in India metaverse platform). The event was conceptualized and executed with the help of the media company Wavemaker India for ITC Ltd. and

The avatars that the couple created on their digital devices couple’s wedding ceremony was held in a beautiful beach side location where guests took part in the ceremony using their avatars on the internet. The wedding was held 5 February 2022 between 8pm until 9 pm. It was in sync with the traditional wedding ceremony that was held in Bhopal.

Abhijeet Goel who is a technology businessman as well as doctor. Sansrati from Bhopal met their partners online through a matrimonial website. They were planning to get married but they wanted their family and friends all over the world to be a part their wedding day. That’s the reason they decided to get married online which allows everyone to be part of the wedding ceremony without risking the safety of the guests.

Utkarsh Shukla, the founder of Yug Metaverse explains, “Metaverse is a relatively new concept and its acceptance is in its early stages across the world. We were looking for India to be a leader and in leading edge of the technological revolution, which is why we developed the Metaverse Platform, YUG, in India. The team is eager to discover the potential that emerging technologies such as blockchain, metaverse and cryptocurrency can bring in the near future”.

Wavemaker which is part of GroupM played a key role in the creation of alliances with two of the biggest brands that include ITC Ltd. and to create this unique 3D wedding on the Metaverse platform.

In announcing this first industry conference, Ajay Gupte, CEO for South Asia, Wavemaker said, “Marketing on Metaverse platform is the next wave of digital marketing. At Wavemaker we’ve always strived to engage our customers and develop innovative, industry-first work to our clients’ brands. We have built an internal team of experts who can assist our clients to navigate within this field and determine the perfect match to be associated with events in the metaverse. Metaverse is at a infancy and provides us with a immense opportunities to build a platform we believe in. It’s the future of customer experience and we’re looking forward to riding this trend.”

In discussing weddings in 3D wedding Arjun Bhatia is Chief of Marketing at explained, “As company, is at leading the way in providing exciting and transformational experiences for our customers who live in the real world, with constant innovation in the last 22 years. We are excited to be a part of the on a virtual wedding that offers endless possibilities for involvement and immersion in the The YUG metaverse.”

Metaverse is a virtual world in which people are able to access the digital world using a their virtual identity. In this virtual world there is also the chance to relax in shops, hang out, and get to know acquaintances.

Fabelle, the most luxurious chocolate brand that is owned by the company of ITC is partnering with this amazing event as a presenter. “At Fabelle we believe in creating memorable experiences and making moments unforgettable through our assortment of high-end chocolates. Metaverse is making the digital experience of the consumer to the next enhanced version. Fabelle is thrilled to be a part the groundbreaking concept of a wedding that is taking place in the Yug metaverse. We hope to make this wedding day memorable for the couple” said Anuj Kumar Rustagi, COO Chocolates, Confectionery, Coffee & New Businesses, ITC Ltd Foods Division.

Abhijeet and Sansrati designed a beautiful wedding setting on the beach which was accessible via Yug platform. The wedding saw more than 500 people registered to the event. Participants could alter their avatars, stroll through the wedding and dance on dancing on the dance floor too.

“Metaverses similar to Yug are a logical progression of the existing 2D Internet to provide an Immersive 3D Experience akin to the real world. It has many possibilities for the future, and is moving towards blurring the lines between the virtual and physical worlds. It is an online platform on which people can make their own experiences such as marriages and virtual events, exhibits and hangouts with friends conference, business gatherings and other events or take advantage of experiences made by other users. We believe that through decentralisation of the platform it will change the way people interact in areas like commerce, education, business and entertainment.” Shashank, from Yug. Shashank of Yug.

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