The blog commenting strategy is among the most successful ways to obtain hyperlinks for any site. It aids in increasing overall awareness of the company blog site as well as the company’s product sales. The approach of blog commenting also helps to boost hyperlinks, and that also allows users and site owners to communicate. 

Meaning of Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is just a tried and true method, yet it is ineffective. It will assist you in improving your SERP ranking. The technique of making posts to websites with a hyperlink to your website is known as blog commenting in Search engine optimization. When we express our feelings, views, as well as concepts on all other websites, they will receive a sort of backlink known as blog commenting.

However, when you build a backlink by leaving a comment on a blog, your comments are usually moderated. Any such aids in the formation of bonds among websites, influencers, and site audiences. It’s a terrific method to share thoughts, concepts, and viewpoints about how people feel around a subject or a social media platform. Blog comments assist in attracting traffic and making the blog more sociable.


  • It requires the usage of a tool like scrapebox, which is also an automation platform for posting large volumes of comments on just a list of websites collected by users.

  • Usually, the comments come out of a list of general remarks, or textual spinning, that accepts a set of words and generates several variations of it.

  • Generally, websites featuring free monitoring which do not require approval are used for posting.

  • hyperlinks famous Because manipulation google’s search engine was much easier, SEO was a popular tactic.

  • Automated comments flooding itself utilized by black-hat SEO practitioners nowadays, though it’s more circuitous and links to lesser tiers rather than the user’s main website.


  • Backlinks – Individuals searching for such a hyperlink may directly write comments. On even a regulated website, user remarks were more probably to all be permitted once they are connected to the real content, therefore they employ manual rather than automatic.

  • People would leave comments widely discussed in the hopes of gaining visitors to their blog as a result of the comments.

  • Authentic interaction- The topic of the website is linked to the niche, so they are commenting to engage and bring value, which will include a connection to their website that covers the topic in greater depth and from various perspectives.

Types of Blog Commenting Sites 

Commenting on a blog There are various types of websites. A few of these require immediate acceptance, while others require you to wait until the administrator authorizes your remarks. Furthermore, certain websites, such as Disqus, Facebook, and Blogger, demand a username and password. 

Importance of Free Blog Commenting Sites in 2022 

Blog commenting has plenty of other positive advantages, all of which have been listed here.

Backlink: Link building is the first advantage anyone will receive through blog commenting. Each website requires a hyperlink at all times.

Trafficking: Whether you have posted a reasonable & useful comment, individuals can link to your profile once it has been posted on every webpage. As a result, you will receive traffic from there.

Networking: Using blog comments to develop a network with others in your sector is also a fantastic idea. Begin by visiting the webpage and providing an honest and favorable review of their stuff. As a result, there’s a considerable possibility you’ll get along well with the site’s owner.

Website-focused: A most typical approach for increasing the website’s rating is to use blog commenting Optimization.

Collaboration: Off-Page SEO is the most effective means of obtaining backlinks from blog commenting sites. The strategy for blog remarks aids in the creation of interaction among site visitors and owners, and the acquisition of more hyperlinks.

Attention Seeking: It aids in attracting more visitors to your website and obtaining the best prices for your services and goods.

Fastest Way: The simplest and quickest approach to attracting advertising attention is to use this method.

More Opportunities: Link building options include Articles Directory, Media Releases, Web 2.0, Discussions, Networking Tagging, Powerpoint presentation Publication, News Release Submission, Pdfs Submitting, and others.

Top Blog Commenting Sites 

Check out the list of the best free high-Do-Follow free blog commenting sites in 2022.

Do’s and Don’ts of Free Blog Commenting Sites:


1. Always post comments on the blog that is relevant to someone’s area of expertise. As greater overall benefits, more and more specialties you specialize in.

2. Before leaving comments, read the entire thing properly.

3. Continue to incorporate significance towards the post by suggesting things new and innovative, or by posing a valid question about it.

4. Whenever you see feedback from somebody else requesting help or perhaps a recommendation. If you already have the ability, don’t pass up the chance to provide one.

5. Having a good comment might include it all, from praising a writer to making recommendations or trying to prove a point, and that should be long enough to keep the author’s and also other visitors’ interest.


  1. Don’t leave comments on every website you visit. It is a poor method for blog commenting because the Search engine will most likely punish your website as a result.

  1. Throughout the hopes of obtaining backlinks, most rookie authors fall prey to the above. You’re not among them, and certainly don’t want anyone to be among them…

  1. Don’t make a one-sentence comment. Absolutely! It is despised by everyone.

Tip to Use Free Blog Commenting Sites

The following are the recommendations for using free blog commenting sites:-


  1. Neil Patel: DA 87
  2. QuickSprout: DA 73
  3. ShoutMeLoud: DA 69
  4. Copyblogger: DA 78
  5. Yoast SEO Blog: DA 79
  6. Backlinko: DA 63
  7. Problogger: DA 77
  8. Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog: DA 60
  9. Unmarketing: DA 54
  10. Buildfire: DA 54
  11. Zappcode Academy : DA 15
  12. Zappkode solutions : DA 19


  1. MoneySavingMom:  DA 70
  2. SavingAdvice:  DA 63
  3. ChristianPf:  DA 56
  4. ComFree:  DA 50
  5. ModestMoney:  DA 54
  6. OneCentAtATime:  DA 58


  1. BoardingArea:  DA 78
  2. GloabalGrasshopper:  DA 58
  3. DangerousBuisness:  DA 56
  4. ManvsDebt: DA 56
  5. VelvetEscape:  DA 54
  6. TheShootingStar:  DA 52
  7. TravelsOfAdam: DA 58


Using automated tools automatically posts comments on your website in bulk that’s no longer encouraged, and it was probably not wise however when online databases have been more easily manipulated.

Another benefit of both a website remark from such an SEO standpoint, particularly whenever a CMS such WordPress isn’t being used, becomes instant queues connectivity benefit of posting, which would be to engage with both the website and other people who have interests in common in the lumens.


Furthermore, at first, approach this as an alternative resource to be used with caution, just when appropriate, and also in combination with a diverse range of backlinking resources to the website.

The post can assist you in creating elevated backlinks in 2022 if you are searching for link-building tactics. In this essay, I’ve covered everything there is to know regarding free blog commenting sites, including their advantages, disadvantages, and methods

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