Ekta Kapoor announces Bigg Boss-style real-world metaverse show Lock Upp. Ekta Kapoor launched the metaverse-based reality series Lock Upp today Wednesday, the 3rd of February. It will stream through ALTBalaji as well as MXPlayer.

ekta kapoor's lock upp
Complete entertainment show with Metaverse

ALTBalaji as well as MXPlayer have collaborated to create their first show on digital reality. Lock Upp Badass Jail, Atyaachari Khel. Ekta Kapoor premiered this series in Mumbai on Wednesday, February 3. The show will stream live 24 hours a day and feature 16 celebrities in jail with the host serving as his tough and tough-minded jailer. Lock Upp is hosted by an Bollywood actress.

Lock Upp is claimed as the most prestigious and most terrifying reality show which will see 16 celebrities who are controversial will be joined in a locked-up environment for months, and then taken away from their amenities. It’s claimed to be the first game based on metaverses. The game promises a thrilling live-action show that has all the elements that will keep you on your seat. An enthralling celebrity host, thrilling challenges, thrilling fights and a diverse variety of contestants that will go to any lengths to get out of jail are the perfect combination of entertainment.

In announcing Lock Upp, Ekta Kapoor declared, “I am glad to announce India’s biggest and the most fearless reality show Lock Upp.” She thanked host Ekta Kapoor for her work and said “Lock Upp is being launched on a massive scale and has all the elements that make for an entertaining reality show. The concept of the show is brilliant, and I am sure that it will captivate the viewers and set a new standard for reality shows. I am also glad that MXPlayer has partnered with ALTBalaji. I wish the team the very best and I am sure they will create history with Lock Upp and that it will be a roaring success.”


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