Google employees do not have to be immunized against COVID-19. Prior to that, Google had made it obligatory for employees to present their certificates of vaccination. Google had also threatened those who were not vaccinated with severe consequences.

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Google has stopped requiring all employees of its in US to be vaccinations against COVID.

Google seems to have loosened up on employees who aren’t vaccine-free.

In order to work from home an Google employee must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Google has stopped requiring their employees in US to undergo vaccination against COVID. In the past, Google had made it obligatory for employees to present their certificates of vaccination. Google had warned non-vaccinated employees with serious consequences. Google seems to have gotten away with employees who aren’t vaccine-free, according to a CNBC report. In order to work from home employees of Google employee must be fully vaccinated against the Covid-19.

“We’re not requiring vaccinations as an essential requirement for employment to US employees at the present moment. We’re still implementing our COVID-19 vaccination policy, which requires vaccinations or approved accommodations for users who visit our websites, as it’s among the most crucial ways to keep our staff safe and ensure that we ensure that our services are running smoothly,” Google spokesperson Lora Lee Erickson told in a statement made to The Verge. She also said that all employees working within Google’s Santa Clara County facilities will be required to wear masks at the office.

CNBC has also released details of a memo that was sent to employees from David Radcliffe, Google’s VP of workplace and real estate services. The note states it is the case that “unvaccinated employees who have been approved to access offices will require additional procedures that include testing and wearing masks”. His note further stated that facilities like fitness centers as well as pantries, shuttle services and “all informal areas” will soon be open.

In the month of December Google issued a letter to employees informing them that those who were discovered in violation of vaccination regulations would eventually be dismissed from the company. Google had set an 18 January deadline for employees to comply with the vaccine rules. Google has stated that employees who fail to adhere with the deadline is placed under “paid administrative leave” for 30 days, which will be followed with “unpaid personal time off” for up to six months before end of. The new rules were made public only for US personnel only. Google has yet to announce its plans to return to work plans for Indian employees.

Google isn’t the only one to loosen its Covid-19 guidelines. Apple was the first to make it mandatory for shoppers in retail shops to wear masks, has dropped the requirement for masks. The new guidelines have been introduced in states and countries in which Covid-19 cases are virtually not even present. Buyers in India are required to wear masks when they go outside their home or go to a store.

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