Kacha Badam musician Bhuban Badyakar isn’t selling peanuts any more. I’m a star now and he claims

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Three months ago Kacha Badam performer Bhuban Badyakar struggled to feed his family of ten on the modest earnings he earned from the sale of peanuts. In the last week, a music business paid him the sum of 1.5 lakh as royalties for his soulful music.

The world seems to be coming complete circle for Bengal’s most recent internet star Bhuban Badyakar. From selling peanuts in an isolated village in Birbhum as well as performing live in the nightclub in Kolkata It’s been a trip which dreams can be made out of.

“I am so happy to be present with you today,” Bhuban said while greeting a throng of fans at a chic Kolkata nightclub on a Friday night. In a glittering coat, Bhuban sang his viral Kacha Badam hit song, and the crowd was in an ecstatic excitement!

Three months ago, He was struggling feed his family of ten on the modest income he earned from the sale of peanuts. In the last week, a music business gave him a check of 1.5 lakh rupees. 1.5 lakh as a royalty for his soulful music.

“The reality that I’ve been able reach the people in this room and that all of you have shown lots of love on me, I’m not able to find any words that can express my feelings,” said the unassuming 50-year-old, who may not be aware of the magnitude to which his tune has become a hit.

Bhuban even appeared in the Bengali version of one of India’s viewed reality television shows, with none other than Sourav Ganguly! “He is an incredible person. Sourav even gifted me with the gift of a present,” he said.

Bhuban claimed that he had quit selling peanuts from the moment his community was informed of his new fame. “My neighbors told me to stay home to avoid being kidnapped!”

Bhuban said that he is happy when his son tells his about new versions of the songs written by him that are surfacing online every day.

So , what’s the next step in the future for Bhuban Badyakar? This is the only question all over the world.

“I wish to be like you, now that you am here. I would like to stay an artist. I’ve become a famous today. If I sell peanuts in the name of a celebrity I’ll have to deal with the humiliation of being a celebrity,” Bhuban said.

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