Netflix is asking users to not share passwords with their friends. It also starts soliciting some users to be paid for additional users. Netflix is introducing an exciting “Extra Member” feature, which will allow users to add 2 more (non-family) subscribers to their. Netflix is asking users to not share passwords with their friends. They are now soliciting some users to pay extra fees for additional users



  • Netflix has unveiled a brand new feature designed to fight the issue of password sharing.
  • The company is planning to introduce a newly-created “Extra Member” feature to the service.
  • Netflix will begin trialling two brand new services in the next few weeks.

It appears that Netflix has discovered a method to prevent people from sharing passwords for their accounts. In an article on its blog the company revealed that it is testing the new feature in several countries to stop the practice of sharing passwords on a Netflix account with family or friends.

In the blog post, Netflix explains that features such as separate profiles and multiple streams in the top-end plans have caused confusion among users regarding the best way to share they can be shared and at what times Netflix account can be used to share. The company claims that accounts should not be shared among households because the trend of sharing passwords is affecting the company’s revenue and ability to invest in its own original content.

Chengyi Long, director of innovation in product, says “While they have been incredibly loved, they’ve also caused some confusion as to what and when Netflix could be distributed. This means that accounts are shared among households, which affects our capacity to invest in new films and TV for our customers.”

Netflix introduces new features that will help combat the issue of password sharing

Netflix will be exploring two features over the next few weeks. One of the features will be “Extra Member,” which allows account holders to add the number of more (non-family) customers to their accounts. However, this isn’t being offered completely free, or free of charge. Netflix is charging per user. Prices start at 2,380 CLP (around 225.79) in Chile, 2,380 CLP (around 225.79) for Chile, USD $2.99 in Costa Rica, and 7.9 Nuevo Soles in Peru. Furthermore the service will offer each customer their personal account and login.

To facilitate viewers, Netflix has also announced that it allows all existing profiles be transferred out to a different account, or even change onto an extra member sub-account to ensure that the history of watching preferences, favorite movies, and other personal content won’t be lost.

Are the latest Netflix new feature coming to India?

The feature is currently not available to Indians. There is a possibility that Netflix may make it available to India also after successfully the launch in certain countries. In a recent blog post, the company stated that the service will first be made available to customers living on Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. At present, prices for Netflix start at the price of Rs.149 for India that is applicable to the app on mobile.


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