WhatsApp has been spotted working on messages reactions, a new search message shortcut, and much more. WhatsApp was recently discovered working on a brand new shortcut for searching messages and evidence of WhatsApp’s message reaction feature have also been observed once more in the WhatsApp Desktop test.

whatsapp with new feature

WhatsApp is working hard on a variety of new features that will enhance users’ experience.

WhatsApp discovered working on a brand new shortcut for search messages, as well as the evidence of WhatsApp’s reaction to messages feature

WhatsApp will soon allow users to respond to messages with emoticons.

WhatsApp is developing a variety of new features designed to improve users’ experience. The messaging app was discovered working on a brand new shortcut to search messages, and WhatsApp’s feature for responding to messages has been seen in the WhatsApp Desktop Beta. WhatsApp will soon allow users to respond to messages by using emoticons. Users can choose between six different emojis in the text of a message. The feature was first discovered within the test version of the application.

 After testing the message reaction feature in WhatsApp on iOS as well as WhatsApp in the Android beta the messaging app was seen using the feature to test it on the WhatsApp desktop application. The screenshots posted by Wabetainfo show that the option for message reactions will appear under an email and will comprise of six emoticons. “The reaction button isn’t always visible. If you hover your cursor over an email or chat message, a reaction button will be displayed. If you press the button to react it will allow you to respond on the text,” the Wabetainfo report stated.

Like many WhatsApp options, are in development, but WhatsApp might launch it within the next few days given that it has been tested across three different platforms.

Another feature WhatsApp has been spotted developing is a shortcut for search messages. WhatsApp has been reported to be providing the search shortcut to few Android beta users. The messaging app has also added a search shortcuts to its redesigned contact page. The shortcut will also be accessible in group information too.

Wabetanifo reports that the shortcut for searching does not seem to work as well. “Even when it’s been properly implemented onto the users of your WhatsApp accounts, the feature could not be available in certain scenarios. As it’s a beta release such issues could occur, but in the coming beta update will certainly resolve the problem. The feature is accessible to beta testers in a limited number currently, so make sure to update to beta version of Google Play Store. Google Play Store,” the report noted.

These features are still in development, and WhatsApp has yet to make an announcement regarding them. Until then, the information is to be taken with a an eye on the horizon because WhatsApp could completely abandon the plan of releasing the above-mentioned features.

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