Hello, dear readers! My name is Diksha, and I am currently working as a Digital Marketing Intern at Zappkode. Today, I want to share my incredible journey at this amazing company, where learning and growth are not just professional but also deeply personal.

From the very beginning, I felt fortunate to be a part of the Zappkode family. The work environment is not just about tasks and deadlines; it’s about collaboration, support, and genuine care. One of the reasons for my enriching experience has been the fantastic mentorship of Sanjog Sir and the insightful guidance of Rashmi Mam.

Sanjog Sir has been a constant pillar of support throughout my internship. His mentorship has not only helped me develop my digital marketing skills but has also taught me the importance of perseverance and dedication in the professional world. Rashmi Mam, with her keen eye for detail and constructive suggestions, has played a crucial role in refining my work and making it more impactful.

However, what truly set Zappkode apart for me was an incident that unfolded during my time here.

One day, while heading to work, Sanjog Sir and Rashmi Mam noticed a distressed 4-month-old puppy on the street. Without hesitation, they took immediate action, discovering that the poor creature had been poisoned. In a race against time, they rushed the puppy to the nearest veterinary clinic.

I, too, became a part of this unexpected rescue mission. My role was to locate the best vet in the city, ensuring that “Brownie” – the name we later gave to the puppy – received the prompt and specialized care he needed.

The teamwork and the urgency of the situation brought us all together, transcending our roles as colleagues and turning us into a compassionate, united front.

The journey to save Brownie’s life was intense, filled with worry and uncertainty. Yet, it was during this period that I found an unexpected solace. At the time, I was struggling with my own battles against depression.

The act of saving a life, witnessing the determination of Sanjog Sir and Rashmi Mam, and being a part of something larger than myself, lifted a weight off my shoulders. It was as if Brownie’s survival became a metaphor for my own resilience and newfound strength.

The day Brownie wagged her tail in recovery marked not just a victory for us but a personal triumph for me. The joy and fulfilment I felt in that moment were indescribable. Zappkode, with its compassionate leaders and the unexpected twist of fate with Brownie, became the catalyst for my own emotional healing.

In conclusion, my journey at Zappkode has been more than just a professional experience. It has been a transformative period where I not only honed my digital marketing skills but also discovered the power of compassion, resilience, and the impact a workplace can have on one’s personal well-being.

I am grateful for the lessons learned, the support received, and the unexpected joy that emerged from the compassionate hearts of Sanjog Sir and Rashmi Mam. Here’s to more learning, growth, and moments of unexpected joy at Zappkode!

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