Augmented And Virtual Reality Marketing (2021)

Marketing ways are changing with the changing times. Gone are the days when a company used to print heavy brochures. Marketing has made a quick shift from Inbound to Experiential Marketing.   

 What is Experiential Marketing? 

Marketing done using brand experience is Experiential Marketing. It does have other names, too, like Live Marketing or Event Marketing.  

How does the company create an experience for the customer is by using virtual reality marketing?  

Microsoft seems to be doing right with Augmented Reality by introducing Holocene.  

Currently, Google and Apple are getting more ready for their breakthrough in Augmented Reality.  

Certainly, Augmented Reality for marketing has endless opportunities and possibilities for Marketers to create immersive and experiential Marketing content. 

In the last decade, the democratization of the internet has shifted the market power from the businesses.  

The internet empowered customers by enabling two-way communications. Similarly, Augmented Reality for marketing also has the potential to disrupt the business landscape again.  

Undoubtedly, it will enable Marketers to interact with customers more innovatively. 

In the Indian Context, augmented & virtual reality marketing is being used across divisions like Personal Care, Food and Beverages, Apparel, and E-Commerce.  

Augmented Reality has so far not figured out how to assemble a solid hold in India; However, it has been arousing advertisers’ curiosity lately. 

With the possibility to change the scope of customer experience, from how individuals find new items and how they choose which ones to purchase, Augmented Reality is the eventual fate of Digital Marketing and the sooner Indian Brands can adjust. 

 How can Augmented Reality shape the  Future of Marketing?

virtual reality marketing

Firstly, the integration of technologies like AI, IoT, Eye Tracking to the Augmented Reality devices is possible. 

Augmented Reality experts say, 

Augmented reality will impact multiple markets, ranging from real estate to retail segment.  

The flat will interface with the AR device. It will show a see-through view of flats, along with the flat’s statistics, and the option to “tick mark” individual feedback on flats features and add them to the shopping list. 

Integrating Artificial Intelligence will help develop smarter recommendations in virtual reality marketing.  

It will ensure the right piece of content is delivered to the right person, at the right time, and in the right format.  

Secondly, customers will be able to experience the Ubiquitous Moment of Truth (UMOT).  

They will be able to see the product in the augmented space or in retail stores along with the rating and recommendations through their AR device.  

Customers will be able to make instant product purchase and also share their ratings, and recommendations at the same time.  

Finally, virtual reality marketing devices will enable marketers to collect more meaningful insights into customer needs and behaviours.  

Augmented Reality for marketing methods will help to understand how consumers might change their decision journeys in the future.  

This will enable the marketers to micro-target and create The Long Tail of customer’s preferences.  

Marketers can match the demands by tailoring the market offerings, depending upon the needs of the long tail and not just by addressing the demands of the heads.  

If brands follow this technique, they can attract huge customer fall and gain more qualified leads. 

Here’s a few Indian companies that offer Augmented Reality for marketing (AR) experiences to customers and they have the advantage of early entrants in AR.  

We’ve tried these out to make sure they work well. 

 1.Retails Segment: Lenskart

virtual reality ad

If you are short-sighted like me, then you must have tried Lenskart at least once. I feel they are one of the pioneers in integrating, virtual reality marketing on their website.  

Lenskart is one of the early entrants into the Augmented Reality for marketing space. However, it’s kept on advancing its contribution, and when we tried it while inquiring about this article, we were truly intrigued by how amazing the experience is, and how simple the guided arrangement was.  

Lenskart Mobile App and site both help the ‘3D Try On’ highlight.  

How it functions is basic – give Lenskart access to your camera, and it’ll give you what a casing resembles all over. 

2. Real Estate Segment: Lodha Real Estate

Augmented Reality

A first for the Indian land area, Lodha Group, India’s driving land engineer has propelled a 9DX auditorium at the Palava Experience Center to give clients a vivid visual look at their way of life at India’s no.1 liveable city for example Palava.  

The 20-seater theatre will exhibit a 7-minute tale about Palava wherein each homebuyer will have a customized setting attributable to the Oculus Rift screen, giving every single client a one-of-a-kind encounter through this bleeding-edge innovation. 

3. Indian Movies: First Movie Poster App – Bahubali

virtual reality applications

Like every Industry, even Bollywood needs virtual reality marketing.  

Bahubali 2 is India’s first Augmented Reality (AR) based Movie poster on Mobile App.  

This is one of the numerous first endeavours by the experts. With Rajamouli being the chief, interest and imagination are the pinnacles.  

This banner makes you move away from the real world and get into the situation. Besides, watch this video to find out about this application

4. Automobile: First 2D/3D Manual in Automobile Company – Hyundai Motors

augmented reality

Hyundai is the first carmaker in India who developed an Augmented and virtual reality marketing based manual application for its customers in India.  

The Hyundai Virtual Guide application is the brand’s cutting edge take on the conventional proprietor’s manual, permitting shoppers to utilize their cell phone or tablet PC to get how-to data for fixes, support, and vehicle highlights.  

The new application perceives in excess of 45 significant highlights of their car models like Hyundai Create and Hyundai Venue and is accessible to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play. 

5. Banking: Augmented Reality in the Banking Sector – Axis Bank

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

The financial segment is joining this race too and has embraced the new technology AR to expand existing highlights just as make new ones that are colossally useful to clients.  

The element is genuinely adaptable and takes the versatile financial experience past the portable. 

The “Near Me” feature is available on the pre-login screen of the Axis Mobile application, accordingly making it available for use by anyone who downloads the application without getting registered.  

Users of the Mobile App can see actual street view in a 360-degree mode, through their mobile phone camera, anyplace in the nation.  

The details of the location and venue pop up on the mobile screen as the client moves around the lanes.  

Notwithstanding the AR highlight, the bank offers a bunch of administrations like pre-login charge installments that assists clients with sparing time while paying power, portable bills, and energizing DTH administrations. 

6. Augmented Reality in real estate solutions: Makaan

 Augmented Reality in real estate

Online Indian real estate professional,, has discharged an Augmented and virtual reality marketing called MakaanView.  

Utilizing MakaanView, you can point your Mobile at any structure and check on the off chance that it is accessible for lease.  

You can go to your preferred neighbourhood in the city and choose all the structures you like.  

You can wave your Mobile camera at them, and afterwards observe all the apartment listing show up on your screen continuously, alongside the costs.  

You can even compare your apartments within the available area. You can likewise look at the accessible postings inside a specific span. has made home-shopping extremely simple for clients turning into a powerful e-real estate agent decision when searching for homes on the web. 

7. Augmented Reality in Education Sectors of India

Augmented Reality in Education Sectors

Educational Institutes started using the latest technology in the classroom like never before.  

COVID-19 is one of the reasons today to force institutes to use virtual reality marketing with the latest technology to increase the overall standard of education.  

Educational Institutes are trying to create a new and extraordinary learning experience for the Alpha kids by the use of Augmented Reality solutions.  

What’s more, with it, they will add to a superior groundwork for the pioneers of things to come.  

Giving a connection with learning the experience is vital for the accomplishment of any instructive organization, and specifically, the achievement of the teacher. 

Augmented Reality devices let students understand innovation as well as gives them the experience to make their content.  

This is central to advance 21st-century abilities, for example, imagination, critical thinking, basic reasoning, investigation, coding, and iterative testing, the way toward putting together tests for experiences assembled from past tests to make changes bit by bit and which are proof-based 


For marketers, it has a great future and even closer to the customers.  

With the emerge of augmented and virtual reality, marketing has totally shifted from being just a product. Now it’s all about what the customer experiences around the product.   

Remember the Tom cruise’s character in Minority Report where the ads calling out his name, “John Anderton: you could use a Guinness right now”?  

But for now, as Ana Javornik says, “what marketers need to understand about the new way of marketing is rather than thinking of how to overlay as many places as possible with additional virtual content. 

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