How to Find Best Amazon Affiliate Niche

What to Sell On Amazon India?

So, you have a website, and you are planning to become an affiliate.  

But what about the Niche?  

Have you ever given a thought to niche selection?   

Before you jump in headfirst and start adding affiliate links to your awesome websites, you will first need to think about “what to sell and what to promote. 

There are a lot of different ways a person can go about making money online.  

I personally think that one of the easiest ways for someone who is new to the world of “making money online” is to try Amazon’s affiliate marketing.  

With Amazon affiliate marketing you don’t have to go through the trouble of developing your product or writing a sales letter that converts. These are two of the biggest challenges facing most fledgeling marketers. 

With affiliate marketing, you get to take proven products and proven sales copy.  

Yes, you’ll likely want to start developing your products eventually, but affiliate marketing allows you to get started without having to do any of that.   

The barrier to entry is low (you can get started with no money – how many other businesses can say that). 

Want to Learn More?

Affiliate Marketing

If you haven’t figured it out already, and fair enough if not, you’ll be creating Amazon affiliate websites to promote products on Amazon.   

This is not as difficult as it may sound – and in future articles, I’ll be telling you the exact steps on how to do this with easy steps. 

There are differing opinions on this; some say you should promote Amazon top selling products, and others say you should promote things you’re interested in.   

When first starting, I’m personally of the latter approach – you should find something you have an interest in, as you’ll be working with these products quite a bit, and if it’s something you have little or no interest in, you’ll soon become bored.

As you become more experienced, and start to create more Amazon affiliate websites, you can start to promote products that you don’t really have an interest in, but sell well on Amazon. 

Preparation of mind to start Affiliate Marketing:

    1. Courage to take the first step.
    2. You won’t find zero competition keywords.
    3. Though there are lacs of low competition keywords available.
    4. There are huge demands for Affiliate Marketing after Covid-19.

Marketing Mix for Amazon Affiliate Marketing Vs Traditional Shop

Marketing Mix for Amazon Affiliate Marketing Vs Traditional Shop  

Amazon’s marketing mix is a powerful approach to attract consumers.   

4P of the marketing mix is the model of the successful transition of the life cycle of promoting the product until acquiring it by the right customer.  

The Marketing mix is very similar to Internet Marketing or Traditional marketing.   

Traditional marketing is nothing but to start your own shop at a specific location, and Internet marketing is to start your own online store for a specific location.   

Both the businesses are the same, and the only difference is about “online and offline”.  

Let’s discuss the similarities between “Amazon Affiliate Marketing to Shop opening at any location”. 

Marketing Mix


Traditional Shop


Category – Sub Category

Category – Sub Category


Target Area

Target City / Country


Income (Profit)



Blogging / SEO

Traditional Marketing

What to Sell On Amazon India

How do I find a product which I should sell or the best products to sell on Amazon India, that I’m also interested in? 

We need to follow the below steps to find the best products to sell on Amazon India (best niche for amazon affiliate) 

    1. Find Profitable Money Making Niche
    2. Find Low Competition Niche
    3. Find Niche with your own interest
    4. Search Amazon Affiliate Commission:

How to Find Best Amazon Affiliate Niche

The first thing you want to do is head over to the following link: Visit Amazon Website (  

Check all the categories and select a low competition niche with your interest.  

It’s a strange-looking link for Amazon, but at the end of it is a pot of gold!   

Well, it’s just a list of categories and the “top-selling items” for that category.   

You can also drill down into sub-categories until you find something that interests you. 

Top selling itemsFind out the Top-ranking blog on the same.

How to Choose A Product To Sell

what to sell on Amazon India

How will you choose the right product to sell? 

Finalizing the right product is a must.  

As you can see by the example above, I’ve used the left-hand menu to drill down from the “Shoes” category through to “Women’s shoes”.  

I’ve then gone even further to Ethnic Footwear. 

Example 1: 

Category Market

Subcategory Market


Micro Niche

Women’s Fashion


Women’s Shoes

Ethnic Footwear

Example 2:

Make money online

How Do I Know a Product Is Good For My Amazon Niche Site?

Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites

Finding the Right niche is the second step here, 

There are several determining factors required to answer this question.  


  1. First, is the product a good seller? Generally speaking, if a product has over 50 good reviews, you know it is an excellent seller.   
  2. Only a small percent of people who purchase products on Amazon leave a product review, so if the product you have chosen has 50 or more reviews, you know a lot more customers have purchased this item!  
  3. The Amazon star rating is also invaluable – you want items that have 4 stars or more. This indicates the product is worthy of promotion.  
  4.   Cost is also a determining factor. Amazon works on a sales percentage basis – when you sell an item through your website, you get a percentage of that sale.   
  5. It starts at 4%, so you can imagine if you were to sell items that sell for $1 or Rs, 100, you would only make 4c or Rs 4 profit. That’s not much for all your hard work! I tend to look for items that are selling for over $50 (Rs. 500), with the sweet spot being around the $200-500 (Rs 2000 to 5000) price bracket.  
  6. It should also be mentioned that your percentage increases the more you sell, so there are also benefits in cross-selling cheaper items.   
  7. Using the example above, I could sell a pair of women’s clogs AND a pair of socks. If I can do that a few times, I will increase my sales percentage once I hit the next sales bracket.  
  8. Next, you want to make sure there are enough of these products to fill your website. All the really good Amazon affiliate websites sites have at least 20 product reviews, if not more.   
  9. Again, using the example above, I can see that there are easily 20 products with great user ratings, as well as good price points, so I should have no problem with this niche in terms of generating product reviews.  
  10. Lastly, ask yourself if you have enough interest in this niche to spend hours writing product reviews. As you get more experienced, you can outsource your product reviews, but I think that when you first start, you should do everything yourself so you can get a feel for the pr0cess.

 Now, I have zero interest in women’s Ethnic Footwear, so to me, this would be a painful niche to start with.   

I would be bored senseless writing about clogs, and would most likely throw in the towel after a short period.   

The point here is to make sure you have enough interest that you’ll keep at it until you start to see some profit. 


Note: I will repeat this in probably every post, but it needs to mention that generating income from Amazon affiliate websites is not an overnight thing.  

It will take you around 3-6 months to see your first sale, perhaps even longer. Patience is the key. 


To recap on “what to sell on Amazon India”

Okay, here’s a checklist for you to follow when choosing a product to promote on your Amazon affiliate websites:

    1. Is the product a good seller – over 50 reviews?
    2. Star rating of 4 or higher
    3. Cost – is it over $50 to 300$
    4. Are there smaller priced accessories you can cross-promote?
    5. Are there enough products (10+) to fill your Amazon affiliate websites?
    6. Do you have enough interest in these products to spend time writing about?
    7. Want an easier way to do this?

I highly recommend you do this as explained when first starting out, but once you’re up and running and feel comfortable with your Amazon affiliate site, you could automate the process a lot more by using the software package. 

What Next?

best marketing niches

Spend some time in Amazon, and go through all the categories to see what might interest you.  

Deciding what you should sell is for, sure a lengthy process. You will need to sit with your notepad and start writing the list of five or so niche ideas that you think could be good for you to work within your Amazon affiliate websites.  

The reason for this list is not all niches will end up being profitable, so it will always be good for you to have a backup as we go further into building your Amazon affiliate websites. 

In my next post, I will discuss setting up your website domain name and hosting. 

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