Blogger vs WordPress Best blogging platform in 2022

As we mentioned previously, WordPress and Blogger would be the two hottest blog management platforms on earth. Let’s discuss the “difference between blogger and WordPress”. 

According to stats, WordPress is your #1 most popular site software. It is used by about 38% of all websites in the top 1 million websites and by an astounding 95% of all of the blogs among those websites.

The identical report reveals Blogger as the 2nd most popular platform by roughly 1% of the sites at the top 1 million websites.

Let’s find out who is better ‘WordPress or Blogger’ from Google Trends to determine that the curiosity overtime of the last year.

It is still a great deal more popular now. What do you think about these trends, Let the battle begin, of Blogspot vs WordPress Let’s see Who wins this battle

google trends

It is still a great deal more popular now. What do you think about these trends, who is popular ‘WordPress or Blogger’. Let’s find out.

What is WordPress?

what is wordpress

WordPress is a free, open-source program that lets you easily produce a site, site, or an online shop. Launched In 2003, WordPress currently powers over 38% of all sites online.

You are able to download the WordPress applications at no cost and use it as many websites as you desire.

To make a site in WordPress, you’ll have to get a hosting program along with a domain, which means that you may set up WordPress. It seems a little complicated at first; nevertheless, it’s very easy with a lot of user-friendly tutorials on WP Beginner along with other websites.

Our staff can even set up your WordPress blog at no cost. Find out more about our free site installment service.

What is

what is blogger

Launched in 1999 from Pyra Labs, it had been developed by Google in 2003.

Blogger is a free website hosting service that allows you to produce a site without paying anything in any way. You also receive a free Blogspot subdomain.

Your site’s address will appear something like that:

For this, you want to register a domain through third party domain name registrars, then join it to a Blogger blog.

Easy to use Platform

This is the first parameter to choose among “WordPress or Blogger”. Most people who wish to produce a website are not web developers. They may have a small company or a non-profit, would like to discuss their thoughts with the planet, or be eager to try out a new hobby.

To get their words on the market, they require a simple to use blogging platform.

Blogger — Benefits of Use

Blogger is a very simple blogging application where you are able to create a site in just a couple of minutes.

Proceed to the Blogger site and sign up with your Google account. Next, you may select your display name, then produce a site name, site address, and a motif.

You can configure site configurations, edit your site design, and add articles.

The installation procedure is really easy. But if you would like to personalize your theme, that is a whole lot trickier. To change your site’s layout in Blogger, you are going to want HTML skills.

WordPress — Benefits of Use

Setting up a site in WordPress is an easy and speedy procedure. You won’t require any coding abilities. You simply have to understand how to point-and-click on a computer display to install WordPress and set up WordPress plugins.

You may follow our step-by-step beginner’s manual on the best way to begin a WordPress site, and you’re going to be ready to go in under half an hour.

When the installation is finished, you may pick a WordPress site motif that is a fantastic match for your own blog. A motif is similar to a template to your own blog. It controls how your site looks.

Following that, it is possible to install the finest WordPress plugins to present your WordPress site with more attributes.

Adding articles to WordPress is easy with the machine of articles and webpages.

It is possible to easily produce text content, add pictures, videos, along with other websites to your WordPress pages and posts using the instinctive block editor.

While the installation procedure for Blogger is faster, WordPress makes it a lot simpler to customize items to appear precisely how you would like.

Ownership of Site:

Ownership of your site is another vital element to think about while picking up “WordPress or Blogger”.

Possessing complete ownership of your site provides you with the liberty to do anything, such as how to manage it, the way to monetize this, and if to close it down.

Who Owns the Blogger site?

Blogger is a blogging service supplied by the technology giant Google. It’s completely free, dependable, and contains enough features to easily publish your articles on the internet.

But it’s not possessed by you.

Google runs this support and gets the right to close it down or shut your access down to it at any moment.

Who Owns a WordPress site?

With WordPress, you utilize a WordPress hosting supplier to sponsor your website. You’re totally free to determine how long you would like to conduct your own blog. It will not be closed down with no warning.

Additionally, you’re not tied into some particular hosting company. It is possible to proceed to a different web host anytime if you would like to. With Blogger, you cannot take your site anyplace except for Blogger itself.

Enabling Control

One more important thing that you will need to take into account to get an answer for “which platform is best” and how much flexibility you’ll ever have.  

Does your site blog let you completely control the design of your site? Are you currently able to incorporate new features into your site?  

Control with Blogger 

Blogger is intended to be an easy blogging tool. That usually means what that you can do on your Blogspot site is restricted.  

Blogger includes a pair of built-in gadgets that allow you to add features like advertisements, subscription links, a contact form, and much more. However, these gadgets have limited performance, and there are no choices offered for them. They are all supplied by Google.  

Advanced choices like popups, eCommerce attributes, and much more simply are not on the Web page platform. This seriously restricts your potential for earning money.  

Control with WordPress

WordPress is free, open-source software, which means that you can easily expand it to include new capabilities. You can add just about any feature possible to your WordPress site with plugins and third-party integrations.  

There are hundreds and hundreds of premium and free WordPress plugins that permit you to hugely alter and expand the default attributes.  

By Way of Example, with plugins, you can:  

  • Insert an online shop to Your Site
  • Produce a portfolio
  • Create a popup to catch visitors’ email addresses
  • Insert societal sharing switches

If you stop by the plugins page on, then you are going to discover over 56,000+ free plugins there.  

When you have coding abilities, you may also make your custom plugins and use them on your site.  

So how can WordPress compare to flexibility and customization choices? WordPress is hands down the most effective long-term option for any serious blogger that would like to grow their website or construct an internet business.

Winner: WordPress

Look and Layout Alternative:

Look, and Layout Alternatives Make a difference between these two platforms. The overall look or layout of your site plays a very important role in attracting visitors and keeping them about. Your site design should provide a terrific first impression to participate in customers and lower your website’s bounce speed.  

The design also has to create your site simple to use and browse to enhance the time on your site.  

These templates are fairly fundamental and are used on tens of thousands of sites.

Blogger Look:

You may change the colours and design of those templates using Blogger’s built-in tools. But you cannot make your templates or create alterations.  

There are a few non-official Blogger templates readily available, but it can be quite hard to locate quality ones, and you will want to cover them.  

The limited selection of templates, the customization choices, and the dearth of design options make WordPress seriously fall behind when it comes to layout choices. 

WordPress Look:

In WordPress, there are thousands of premium and free topics, which makes it effortless to choose the ideal theme for your site.  

There’s a WordPress theme for virtually any kind of site you may consider. Regardless of what your website is about, you will discover lots of high-quality themes that are easy to alter and personalize.  

Safety and Security:

Safety is another vital element to take into consideration when choosing your site platform; If your website is blacklisted or banned, you can lose years or months of hard work.  

Managing Safety in Blogger

Using Blogger, you have the extra benefit of Google’s strong, secure Platform. You do not need to be concerned about handling your host’s resources, procuring your site, or generating copies.  

But if traffic goes down, then your website will also along with the rest of the websites hosted on-page. You cannot do anything to recoup your site once the Blogger website is down.  

Managing Safety in WordPress

WordPress is quite stable, but as it’s a self-hosted alternative, you are accountable for safety and copies.  

The fantastic thing is there are loads of WordPress plugins that make it simpler for you. 

Support from Platforms:

Which blogging platform is best also depends on support from website platforms. Support is another crucial aspect to take into account while selecting your site platform. Assess whether there’s a trusted support system that will help you out if you require it.  

Support Alternatives in Blogger

They’ve quite basic documentation along with a users’ forum. Concerning support, your options are extremely limited.  

You may click on the Help option on your WordPress admin panel to view service tutorials as revealed in the picture below.  

As it’s a completely free service, Google cannot offer one-to-one support to people using Blogger.  

Support Alternatives in WordPress

WordPress has an extremely active community service system. You will find question-answer forums for every plugin and theme on  

If you’re utilizing paid WordPress products, then it is possible to become even more committed support out of their founders. You might even find live assistance from the hosting company.  

Besides that, there are hundreds and hundreds of online tutorials made by WordPress developers and community members. Our group of WordPress specialists is also helping tens of thousands of customers through our Facebook team.  

Despite plugins, you may have the ability to find help and assistance if you become stuck. Have a look at our guide on how to correctly request WordPress assistance to improve your odds of getting help.  

Future Prospects:

The future of your blogging system determines just how far you can go along with your blog.  

Future Your Website on Blogger

Blogger has not had any significant updates for a lengthy time.  

The near future of Blogger is dependent upon Google, and they have the right to close it down whenever they need it. Therefore, the end of your site also depends on Google’s choices.  

Future Your Website on WordPress

WordPress is an open-source program, meaning its future isn’t dependent on a single company or person. It’s handled by a community of programmers and consumers.  

Thousands of companies around the world rely on it. The near future of WordPress is reassuring and bright.  

The objective of this guide is to help you pick the ideal Platform, and therefore you don’t have to move your website. But mistakes can occur. Thus, it’s crucial to check if your site platform has protected choices to move to a different stage or not.

Blogger Blog

Transferring your website from Blogger to another stage is a complex endeavour. There’s a considerable risk you will shed your SEO (search engine positions), readers, and followers throughout the transfer.  

Though Blogger permits you to export your articles, your information will remain on Google’s servers for a lengthy time.  

You can move your WordPress website to some other server, you can alter the domain, or you may even move your website to add content management systems.  

You do not want your site to be a massive money drain. Equally, you do not wish to become obsessed with “complimentary” which you fight to cultivate your blog.  

It is important to consider just how much your blogging system will cost you in terms of cash and chances.

Expenses to start:

All the services from these two platforms need some kind of investment too. Blogger is a wholly free blogging service. It gives a free website hosting along with a free BlogSpot subdomain to begin. All Blogger’s topics, gadgets, and other choices are free also, while there are a few third-party topics you can purchase for.  

If you would like to use a custom domain with Blogger, you are going to need to purchase it from a domain registration company like A domain typically costs $14.99 per year; however, you can find a discount using our coupon code.  

In the end, although the Blogger platform is completely free, it lacks several features you’ll have to make your site successful. 

expences to start

Online Earning a Website in WordPress:

If “WordPress is free or paid”, let’s find out. The WordPress applications are free of charge, but you have to get a hosting plan and domain name to begin a blog.  

Using Hostinger, you can find a WordPress hosting program for only $0.99 OR $2.89 a month plus a free domain together with it.  

As soon as you’ve installed your site, the continuing cost is dependent upon the services that you would like to use. Should you utilize paid plugins and themes that will be more expensive than using free ones?  

However, paid plugins and themes may also provide you with a fantastic return on investment in case you are monetizing your site.  

For additional information, see our comprehensive guide on how much it can price to construct a WordPress site.

online earning in wordpress



Comparison in the Yearly Investment: 

Hosting comparison per year

Buy Best & Low-Cost hosting from Hostinger. Click on the link below;


WordPress and Blogger both are widely utilized blog platforms.  

But as you want to select one, it comes down to the goal of your website. 

blogger vs wordpress


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