The basic question raised by every students is what is content writing in digital marketing ? The answer is India is a country of storytellers. We have storytellers in every field like movies, politics, business, and Marketing. Storytelling is nothing without content.

If you have quality content writing in the story, then your skill of storytelling will improve. Storytelling is a fine way of engagement between dreams and reality and passing it down to the next generation. “What is Digital Marketing?”It’s a glamorous life of endless to-do lists. 

This article deals with Content Writing as a main concern of Digital Experts in 2022. Get insights about “What is Digital Marketing?”, “What is content writing?”, and “What is Content Writing in Digital Marketing ?”.

What is Digital Marketing? 

Content writing, search engine optimization, social media, designing, video making, google ranking, emails, phone calls, last min meetings, and continuous interruptions often make it hard to focus on one task at a time.

This, in turn, makes it very difficult to get into the creative zone for storytelling, sometimes losing sight of the fact that if Digital Marketing isn’t creative, then the company’s brand and the story aren’t creative.

According to Digital Guru Sanjog, Storytelling is part of Digital marketing and the future of Content Marketing strategy in the year 2020. Weaving a story intricately around your customers, so they feel included in the narrative of your brand and products is no easy task.  

As social creatures, we have a built-in receptor in the brain for stories; it is an ancient form of communication that we as humans respond well to.  

The study shows that people lean towards a story on the facts and will review a story a lot speedier. 

What is Content Writing in Digital Marketing ? 

  1. Great Content Writing has a universal message 
  2. Great stories are simple to understand with a focused approach 
  3. Great stories get connected with the emotions 
  4. Great stories have great characters 
  5. Great stories give surprises with a twist and turn 
  6. Great stories have a message for the audience 

What does Storytelling mean for Digital Marketers?

  • Creating a story around your brand and products that have strong ties to emotions and personalization.  
  • Writing a good story involves a deep knowledge of two things:
  • Knowing your Brand. Know the history of your brand, how it has evolved, what are the values of the brand?  
  • What does it stand for and how do your customers perceive it?  
  • How is your product solving your customer’s problems?  
  • Understanding your Customer
  • Who is your customer? What are their problems, their struggles? How can your products help alleviate some stress from your customer’s life?  
  • This is where you can connect with your customer and build trust as you make their life easier and help them achieve their goals. 
  • Once you have fully explored your brand and understand your customer, it is time to bring them together. 

How to Create Content Writing in Digital Marketing? 

  1. Be honest – Do not lie to your customers or fabricate a story; tell the truth. 
  2. Opening hook – Every good story needs to open with a hook that makes the reader want to keep reading. 
  3. Have to focus – Know what message you want to get to your customer and focus your story around that, keep it simple don’t overcomplicate it. 
  4. Problems & Solutions – See your customer’s problems as the villains in the narrative and your brand is the superhero with the solution, build on this. 
  5. Emotional Appeal – Studies show customer decision-making is often based on emotions, creating a story with emotional ties may help a customer remember a story. 
  6. Add Value – When writing a story, think about the value it may add to your customer’s life, why they should take the time to read it. 
  7. Know your Audience – Stories can be told in different ways for different platforms, so keep that in mind. 
  8. Content creation in Online Marketing- While material remains supreme for Digital advertising, you mustn’t be a content writing specialist to get started.
  9. Few Efforts – Some of these professions, such as WordPress Website Designing, Automation, and Web Evaluations, don’t require the need to be an expert at creating content.
  10. Improvement of Skills – Content development and blogging is a talent that takes time to master.

One can become a good online marketer even if one specializes in non-content-centric areas.

How to get into Creative Content Writing in Digital Marketing?

Becoming a creative writer is not something that happens overnight, it is many drafts mixed with frustration, sometimes you need to let a piece sit for a few days before you come back to it and start all over again.  

Don’t be hard on yourself, brilliant ideas take time, and a marketer’s time is something you may not always have. 

Here are a couple of tips on Empowering the innovativeness of Storytelling in Digital Marketing.

  • Book Space: Is there an unfilled office, preparing room, or meeting space you can book? Is someplace calm that you won’t be found, so you can make a space you anticipate heading off to, a haven that will give you a new point of view? 
  • Allow the Music to Stream: Workplaces are uproarious spots, with telephones ringing and discussions, it is very simple to break your focus. Set up a composing playlist of the melody that moves you. Put on your earphones and move into your zone.
  • Be Inspired: Discover web journals, symbolism, and recordings that move you. Go to meetings to get new thoughts and viewpoints in your field. Get up out of your seat and go for a walk and leave the office every once in a while. 
  • Keep a Notepad: You just never know when another thought will come to you so keep a notepad helpful to record it. 

Why Content Writing is Important in Digital Marketing?

Storytelling is an integral part of any content marketing. Digital Marketers get benefitted from the right content at the right time. The major importance of content writing in defining “What is content writing in digital marketing ?” is mentioned below. 

  1. Audience Engagement: Every Social Media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tiktok, focuses on creating engagement with people’s feelings, inspiring them to engage with the brand, and creating an emotional bond between them. 
  2. An easy way of Convincing: Good storytelling Captures the user’s attention within a short period. It is the simplest way to bring buyers’ interest towards a brand very convincingly. It gives value to the brand by increasing demand in the market. 
  3. Bringing Groups of People Together: All over the world, including India worship heroes and heroism. Stories have universal appeal and demand irrespective of the languages, religions, and regions. Good storytelling can bring people together and create hysteria for the brand. 
  4. SEO- Search Engine Optimization or SEO has a lot to do with the quality of content and other aspects like expertise, authenticity, authoritativeness, etc. It’s about producing high-ranking content. Keyword placement plays an important role in SEO. Randomly stuffing keywords does not help your cause of ranking higher in the Search Engine Result Pages or SERP. So, you need a good content writer!
  5. Human touch- Several copywriting tools in the market offer auto-generation of content, but they all lack a human touch. However, there are content generation tools that leverage content analysis and NLP terms to help generate excellent content. Still, a human writer does have the edge of adding empathy and emotional engagement for a human touch to the content.


Consequently, above are a few reasonable grounds whether you should put great content production at the forefront of any digital marketing efforts. Content is an excellent strategy for generating value and promoting your business. Your material is well received from all quarters, even Google’s ranks, if it is delivered on schedule and is valuable to the end-users. Lastly, I would like to comment that, it’s clear “Why is content writing in digital marketing ?”

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2 years ago

Storytelling has become a crucial component of online marketing. Thanks for this information.

mahesh khan
mahesh khan
2 years ago

Telling stories is one of the most powerful means that leaders have to influence, teach, and inspire and you provide great information on this article.

mahesh khan
mahesh khan
2 years ago

Thank you for this valuable description on the Storytelling in Content Marketing


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