How Social Media Influences Food Trends in 2021

The healthy trend reached its peak time in recent years. People’s health awareness and purchase behaviour are changing. 


Under today’s digital transformation, social media has a significant impact on people’s lifestyles. 


As food choice becomes self-expression, it is not only “What you eat makes you who you are” but “How you present the food makes you who you are”. 


Now let us go point by point and understand how social media is influencing food trends in 2020.

Instagram Is Changing The Way We Eat

Healthy Trend Everyone Should Know

How social media influences food trends is changing the way we eat. 

According to the recent research, each one out of five people shares food pictures on Instagram at least once per month. 

One of the most popular topics is healthy eating. As we know, Instagram is one of the most popular food post hubs, pictures go viral nowadays of detox smoothies, gluten-free bakery recipes, etc. 

This healthy trend is like a hurricane influencing people’s lifestyles. breakfast trend, for example, the high-calorie breakfast has been switched to healthy breakfast. (There are more than 50000+ posts of #healthybreakfast whereas only 10,365 posts of #Fastfood)

Healthy People Are Not “SELFISH”

Health Trend 

How social media influences food trends is “Sharing is Caring!” 

Thanks to this digital era, today, we share photos and ideas. 

It changed the old concept of healthy eating people: “Selfish” or “Antisocial”. People have started sharing their breakfast recipes, what they eat in a day, etc. on social media, which inspires and motivates people. 

Healthy Food Is Good & Yummy

social media influences food trends

How social media influences food trends is showing that Healthy Food taste Good and Yummy. 

Nutrition bloggers and Instagrammers are doing dedicated work to educate people on new cooking concepts. 

If you are frowning at an inedible plain carrot when trying to eat healthily, you may need to question yourself whether you are a genuine foodie. 

The new cooking concept satisfied all elements we crave for food: Tasty, Healthy, and Pretty! Scrolling down Instagram feeds, you will easily find the recipes of fluffy mouth-watering gluten-free banana pancakes or adorable protein cocoa balls, etc.

Healthy Is Not Just “Lose Weight” 

Social Media Myths on Healthy Foods

How social media influences food trends is to Lose Weight. 

Marketers have been criticised for promoting “slim” as beauty. Today, the new term “wellness” successfully switched away people’s attention from this sensitive topic. 

The new healthy trend tries to encourage people to replace unhealthy ingredients such as high sugar, salt, and carbohydrate towards healthier replacement which is natural, organic, high in fibre and gluten-free. 

People may benefit from this healthy trend of losing weight, but the purpose is for wellness.

How Your Food Looks Like 

Food Trends

How social media influences food trends is Who You Are? 

People concern the presence of food more than ever. 

Gone are the days, which said: “What you eat makes you who you are”. 

While the food decision becomes self-expression: “How you cook and present the food makes you who you are!”

 Influencers: Young & Positive

Healthy Trend You Should Know!

How social media influences food trends is Young and Positive. 

Most health influencers are aged between 20-25 and are fit, energetic, and full of positive vibes, which motivates people that “They just wish to be the way they are”. 

When these influencers share what they eat in a day and how their day goes by, it brings a huge impact on followers and also triggers the purchase decision for healthy food.

Marketing is changing, and So the feed Habit:

In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 workers and sold 85% of all photograph paper around the world. 

Within a couple of years, their plan of action vanished, and they failed miserably. 

Before the finish of 2007, half of all cell phones sold on the planet were Nokia’s, while Apple’s iPhone had a simple 5 percent portion of the worldwide market. 

In the next 4/5 years’ value of Nokia declined by 95%. Both above examples are the biggest failures of the decade. 

The change was adapted by Kodak and Nokia and people have forgotten them very quickly. 

In the near future, everyone will prefer “specially tailored made nutritional healthy food”.

Every person has a few specific demands of their body and those demands of the body have to address by tailor-made food.  

I believe, tailored made food with the help of social media will be in the first place very soon. 

Social Media will play a very important role to change the habits of the people. 

Digital Influencers with the use of social media platforms are able to create a better world of healthy food.


Healthy food is essential for every humankind irrespective of their financial background. 

We have to create a healthy world in a times when the COVID-19 is at the peak. 

Limited access to healthy and fresh food during Corona time, may reduce the chances to get nutritional food. 

We have to improve our own immune system by eating healthy food.

Social Media is playing a big role to create awareness and inclination towards the healthy food in India.

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[…] How social media influences food trends in 2020 […]


[…] How social media influences food trends in 2020 […]

roshni sbhure
roshni sbhure
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