How to Create Amazon Affiliate Account

Hey, I hope you all are doing very well.

When we grow older, our Day-to-Day expenses rise and Responsibilities also.

Everybody now would like to make money to match their demands and different charges.

Now I will present you with this energetic, most effective, and most straightforward means to make money from your home.

You must be thinking about how to join the amazon affiliate program. 

 An amazon’s affiliate marketing program is the best way to earn substantial income right from your home comfort to earn money while you sleep.

If You’re fresher and don’t have any prior knowledge about affiliate marketing, then this blog will be right for you.

The Most Significant Thing would be to choose your niche beneath Which you wish to conduct your affiliate program.

 We have learned how to find a perfect profitable niche for our amazon affiliate account.  

You have to make an affiliate Website on WordPress.

How to make an amazon affiliate website 

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To become an amazon affiliate associate many blogs are available on the Internet, but this blog will guide you step by step.

To become affiliate associate, there are many blogs available on the Internet, but this blog will guide you step by step

2. Sign up for Amazon Associates

Next measure to prepare your own Amazon Affiliate account fully for complimentary: In the following display, you’ll have to add your email address (by which you will log in into the amazon affiliate program).

You will need to select the New Customer box and then sign in. This sign-in is done using a secure server. 

Sign up for Amazon Associate

3. Add your Email Address

In the next screen, you’ll need to add some personal details, including your name, email address (again), and select a password to use. 

Once you have entered all the details as mentioned above, click the “Create your Amazon account” button

4. Add your Personal Details

Create Amazon Affiliate Account

To setup, your Amazon Affiliate accounts, you will need to add your details and contact information. 

Please make sure these are all accurate (It doesn’t matter if you will be targeting a different country with your website). 

Once done with this process, click the “Next, when your website List” button once complete.

5. Add your Contact Details

Amazon Associate Contact Details

Now you need to add your website details. 

We have already learned how to make an affiliate website for free on and google site.

 Right Now, you need to have Signed up to get a domain and also web hosting. However, if not, click the preceding two connections to observe how to do it.

Enter your domain in the top package, then click the “Insert site.”

Enter your domain name in the top box and then click the “Add website.” 

This will add it to the bottom box. Do this for all your websites, if you have more than one. 

Once complete, click the “Next” button.

Enter your domain name in the top box and then click the “Add website.” 

This will add it to the bottom box. Do this for all your websites, if you have more than one. 

Once complete, click the “Next” button.

6. Add your Website Domain Name

After adding your domain name name, You come close to generate your Amazon affiliate accounts.

On another screen, you need to affirm that your website is not targeting kids below 13 years old.

If it is, then you may need to Rethink your website niche.

If you are OK to proceed, then Pick the “yes” selection and support. Now you want to move into the site profile button.

The next page asks you Questions regarding your niche website. It would help if you composed answers to all of the queries, so go at your own pace and give the greatest possible answer.

From the segment, how can you push traffic for your website”, choose search engine optimization and websites?

Below “Just how many exceptional Traffic…”, input the lowest amount (500 from memory), as you are still just commencing the website.

Click the “Next” button once complete. 

Drive Traffic to Your Website

7. Enter your Website Details

You’ll then be requested to Enter your phone for the automated verification call.

Don’t forget to use your Country code if you’re out of the US.

Just click the “Call me Now” Button when your contact quantity is entered. 

Amazon Affiliate Requirement - Enter Website Details

8. Enter your Phone Number for Automated Verification

Once you’ve pressed the button, a PIN will appear onscreen – enter this into your phone when prompted during your automated phone call.

Amazon Affiliate Requirement - Number Verification

9. Enter the PIN Number when Prompted.

Once you’ve pushed the button, a PIN will appear onscreen, put this to your phone when prompted during your automatic telephone call, will automatically register the verification and display a success message. 

You can then agree to the “Contract Terms” by ticking the box and click the “Finish” button to proceed.

10. Agree to the Terms and Click the Finish button.

The Previous display will Confirm you’ve applied to your Amazon Associates program.

It will also reveal your Exceptional affiliate ID, which will have the suffix of “-20”.

Please note that this doesn’t mean you have successfully applied to get an Amazon affiliate program, but I’ve never been turned down from this point.

Since You can see, Amazon Gives you 180 times (approx. 6 weeks) to make a sale before they automatically cancel your accounts, which is virtually the target of the full time that I cited previously.

Once again, I’ve never had my Account closed for this reason.

You Are Going to Get an email from the following week or when your application was processed correctly.

From that point, you now have the Solution of completing or including your Payment and Tax details.

If you do not take action today, you can get it done after your administration web page (you’ll need to do it in some time or won’t get paid out).

Your Amazon Associate application for the free amazon affiliate program in India is now complete.

Amazon Affiliate Terms and Condition

11. Add your Amazon Associate Payment and Tax Information

 Right after clicking on the “next” button on the initial screen, you’re going to be shown various alternatives to become paid by Amazon.

Out of this United States, you’ll want to select “payout I check” and then click on the “Publish and Continue using Tax Info” Button.

Those residing inside the United States of America may also pick this program. However, you’re most likely much better off to be compensated by direct deposit.

Amazon Associate Payment and Tax Information

12. Choose to be Paid by Check if you live Outside USA

The following page will ask, Whether you’re a US person for taxation purposes.

If you live beyond the United States, choose “No” and click the “Save and Continue” button.

Pick No Should You reside Beyond America and press on the Next Button.

On another page, then you’ll bring some tax information.

For all individuals residing out of The United States, do the following:

  1. Type of beneficial owner: Choose a person If You’re doing this in your own
  2. Region of Citizenship: Pick the country you are living in
  3. Complete Title: Insert your name
  4. Are you currently an agent behaving As an intermediary: Select “No.”

Areas of solutions Performed: Select the most outstanding choice if you aren’t in the USA.

Click the option Continue.

13. Fill out your Tax Information

Amazon Affiliate Payment Information

 You will now need to enter your Tax File Number (TFN). 

It will be different depending on what country you live in, but this is the number used to identify you for tax purposes in your country.

Fill this out, tick the box underneath, and then click the “Save and Continue” button.

14. Enter your Tax Information

On the next page will be a digital copy of Individual and Business, used in India to declare tax. 

If you are in India, enter your name and date. Otherwise, if you do not live in the United States, click the “Save and Continue” button.

Amazon Associate Tax Information

15. Fill out the Payment Method

Now you need to agree to submit your correct Payment method (over the Internet). 

Unless you specifically want to get the forms sent to you, select both “Pay me by NEFT” and “US Tax purposes” and click the “Submit” button.

Amazon Affiliate Payment Method

16. Select the Options to Submit your Tax Form Electronically

The last page you need to fill out is your Consent form. 

Read through the form to make sure you understand it, and when ready, do the following:

  1. Make sure the top 2 radio button options are selecte.
  2. Make sure all the tick boxes are selected.
  3. Fill out the correct details of your “digital signature.”
  4. Click the “Submit” button.

Complete and sign your tax form

You will then see a confirmation page with your details to “Create Account for Amazon Affiliate program.” 

There is nothing else for you to do – you’ll receive an email once they have confirmed your submission.

17. Confirmation Page of your Tax Form Submission

Once you’ve received confirmation of your application and tax form submissions, you are ready to start as an Amazon Associate!

Amazon Affiliate Tax Form Submission

Follow the above steps, and you will quickly “Create Amazon Affiliate Account” and start earning money.

Be patient. It always pays off. 

Happy Earning!!!

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