How to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing

This week I have dedicated myself to sharing a lot of tips and details on Affiliate Marketing.   

I will be releasing more blogs on how to create an Affiliate Account. Also, will surely guide you as to how to finalize the Niche.   

So, stay connected to my site and do read this complete blog.   

I am going to share some advanced selling tips on “What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing”.   

I love to help individuals and small business owners to create successful online businesses and start earning revenue online.   

Amazon is a great place for online entrepreneurs to start selling products online.   

There are a few Amazon stores to choose from, and it may be helpful to consider opening up your market outside of India for advanced success.   

Picture quality and product descriptions are the main attraction of the store type you choose and will also help with your overall success.   

I would like to share an article that offers some helpful advice on how to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing. 

Before we begin on how to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Let us delve into “What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing” and “how you can make money” by creating an Amazon affiliate websites, I wanted to go over a few things with you that I’ve learned over the course of my years earning money as an Amazon affiliate.

Who to listen to?

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

There are many out there that claim to know the “best way to make money” as an Amazon affiliate and to know how to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing and of course, I too am one of them (hence why I have this website).    

The other thing you’ll come across online is what’s called Special Offers (as they are more commonly referred to).   

These are generally courses/documents/videos that others have created to show you how to make money online doing a specific thing.   

Some might show you how to build a mailing list; others how to “crush it” using YouTube.   

The cost of these goes up as more people buy them – this is called a “dime sale”.  

When I first started with online affiliate marketing, I read through possibly all of the Warrior forum threads and purchased over $500 worth of WSO’s.  

When I look back on my first year of affiliate marketing, I can only shake my head and smile.   

What a sucker I was for all of this information!   

It was overload!   

I had so many conflicting ways of doing things, and I didn’t know where to begin.   

I was half-heartedly trying one person’s idea while adding someone else’s tips and tricks.   

At the end of it, I had around 12 different websites that were half-built and full of rubbish content.  

Let’s not forget, someone selling you their Techniques on how to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing is only really after one thing – your money!   

That is their way of making money out of online marketing.   

Sure, there are one or two out there that genuinely want to help out, but more often than not you will end up with something that is not, worth the money you spent on it.  

You’ll also probably sign up for more email lists than you can shake a stick at.   

Everybody wants your email address so they can be your guide to online riches!   

Unfortunately, you end up with an inbox spammed with “offers you can’t refuse” – all of them trying to sell you something so they can make a commission.

What’s the Point?

what is affiliate marketing

The point I’m trying to make here is to find someone whose ideas resonate with you and then stick with them, and ONLY them, whilst you are learning.  

Of course, I’m hoping that you’ll choose me as your Amazon affiliate guide as I hold your hand (figuratively speaking) through the quagmire of building Amazon affiliate websites.  

If not me, however, just make sure that whoever you choose shows you the correct way of doing things, as I would hate for you to have your Amazon affiliate account terminated due to poor advice!

Why are you telling me all this?

amazon affiliate earnings

There are a couple of reasons why I created this website.  

First, as mentioned above, I wasted the first year of my online affiliate marketing career learning through trial and error to find the answer to how to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing.  

I would say that around 80% of what I learned originally in my first 12 months is no longer used in any of my websites.  

Did I waste my time?  

Perhaps, but I also learned the correct way of doing things by making mistakes, and now my workflow is refined and streamlined. 

The other reason for me starting this website is so you can learn from my mistakes.  

Earlier in the year amazon terminated one of my affiliate accounts!  

I couldn’t believe it when I received the email.  

It was for something that all of my Amazon affiliate sites did, and I had learned this particular technique from one of those crappy WSO’s I had bought when I first started.  

I won’t reveal what the problem was yet, but I will be sure to tell you in a future post.  

Sufficed to say, it was nothing underhand and seemed fairly innocuous to most, but I understand (now) that I did not read the Amazon affiliate fine print close enough.  

My bad. What is annoying is that I had over $1000 in affiliate fees ready to be paid out to me, which was all lost.  

I still kick myself over this and don’t want others falling into the same trap as me as it is very frustrating.  

I’m still in the process of trying to re-open that account, and have a positive feeling about it, and will update you if/when it’s re-opened (as well as tell you how to go about pleading your case to Amazon if such a thing, unfortunately, happens to you).

Now what?

amazon affiliate earnings india

If you’ve decided to stick with me to find answers on how to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing, then feel free to read the posts on this website.  

I will be adding more as time goes on, and although most posts will be relating to Amazon affiliate websites, I will also let you know about anything else that may be of use to you in successfully starting your online income stream through Amazon. 

If you have any questions on “What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing” or “how to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing”, please feel free to use the comments area underneath each post and I will surely reply to you. 

You can also watch my video, which is live on my YouTube channel, i.e. Digitalgurusanjog. 



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Sonali Tawke
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