How To Do An SEO Audit – Why SEO Audit Is Important?(2022)

How to do an SEO Audit ?


What is SEO Audit? Everyone is confused or don’t know how to do an SEO Audit. Most of the people do SEO only for Google and not for other search engines.

Though Google hold 92% of traffic in world but we should also consider that 8% of audience and do the SEO for every search engines.

Many of them don’t know how to do an SEO Audit or never got the proper explanation about SEO Audit.

Your site ranking is completely depend upon the SEO and SEO is completely depend upon the audit list as to what all things need to be done to rank the site.

SEO audit is important to rank the site and to bring the traffic to our website. SEO audit should be listed in the best practices.

Every company needs to get SEO best practices and every SEO needs to do SEO audit professionally.

Every SEO professional is liable for SEO audit and give clear ideas to our client as to how we should work on our website and what changes are need to be done.

Benefits of SEO Audit

1) Gets the better idea how site should be audited.

2) Give complete idea about the site what things should be implemented.

3) How to work on site and get the site rank.

4) Gives complete idea to our client about their website

5) Helps in getting our website rank on first page of google.


A)  Ditch the PDF reports

Replace PDF & use another form of communication

PDF only shows what’s wrong in the site it don’t shows how to fix it

The reports don’t show goal of the website


B)  Improve SEO audits with better communication.

Deliver better SEO audit is to communicate more thoroughly with stake holders and developers.

Always understand the client goals first after that we should look at the client’s website

This will lead us to better audit and it will be easier for us to prove the ROI of SEO.

C)  Always focus on users goals

We should focus on client’s goals rather than just doing SEO audit and submitting to developer team.

We should get clear idea as to what is the purpose of the client.


D)  Giving clear ideas to developer team

Developer team should be clear about what is the need of the client.

SEO executive alone is not responsible for ranking the site but developer is equally involved in the process.

SEO and developer should always work as a team.


E)  Business details to be mentioned

To get better idea and proper work SEO should have the knowledge as to what is client’s business into.

This will give SEO complete idea as to on which keyword the SEO needs to work and it will give complete idea about keyword research.

It should mention:

Business type

Business offering

Business category



E)  Purpose and goals

The website goals and the current state of online and offline marketing will help to fit SEO into the overall marketing strategy.

Same purpose and goals should also be considered by the developer team as they are also in the same team.

The purpose and goals should contain:

1. Website goals :

Define what is the main goal of your website. This will help you and give direction to the SEO project.

As website is a basic need of every business whether the business is large or small. Now a days online marketing includes many thing but mainly focused on website.

So marketing through website is always a better promotion of your business.


2. Current online marketing strategy:

Choose the current methods you are using for the promotion of your business online.

Online marketing gives us a platform to open up our business to world. As it is easy to market online and get the audience or customer more easily.

As todays world is completely transformed into digital. So with the world we also need to transform ourselves.

3.Current offline marketing strategy:

Choose the current methods you are using including traditional resources for promoting your business.

Offline marketing is also that effective as it create trust. These are traditional way are always in work as this is the only way we get to know as what is the requirement of a particular person or business.


SEO audit is only way out to make our website crawl and get rank on the first page of any search engine.

It should always show the clear idea to our client’s that how we will going to work on their website and make the presence of the website on the first page of any search engine.

We should always deliver the best practices to our client and for ranking the website SEO audit is the only thing to rank our website. 


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