How to get Google AdSense Approval


Hi Friends, if you are planning for AdSense approval then wait a minute. Read this article completely and learn how to get google AdSense approval 

then apply for Google AdSense. I can assure you that you will get to know simple techniques to get AdSense approval by the time you finish this blog.  

Here, I have prepared my checklist based on my experience of two-time failure and 3rd-time success.

I am writing this Blog to help you all to get Google AdSense Approval. When we start writing a blog, we always have e desire somewhere to get AdSense Approval sooner or later.

If you are new to the blogging space and trying your hands on the first time on Google AdSense then this Blog will help you not to repeat mistakes that I have done in my past. I have failed twice miserably before getting approval on my third try.

Once you get the approval, then you will be more relaxed and can work on traffic. As traffic is not the criteria for Google AdSense approval so try to get approval first then start working on traffic.

What is Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is one of the best advertising and monetization platforms which allows you to make money online just with the help of ads. It’s kind of an authentic way to make money, although there might be more platforms out there AdSense owns the marketplace.

To build money out of Google AdSense you need to create a blog or a YouTube channel so that Google will place the ads out there and when the viewers click on that you make money out of it. The more clicks will be, the more wealth generated. This is a kind of best and authorized way to make money online.

11 Tips to get Google AdSense Approval:

Stop Focusing on Keywords: 

How to get Google AdSense approval

Blogging is the way of expression rather than keyword stuffing. As a beginner, we should not focus on Keywords and Content. We should always write by our heart and emotions. We need to create a connection with our readers by the spread of the g right content. Our focus on Keywords might divert your attention from strengthening your relationship with your readers. Use simple words with small sentences and stop keyword stuffing.

High-Quality Content:

How to get Google AdSense approval

We should always write about the problems and their solutions to readers. Readers should feel dependent and confident about our content. A problem-solving approach is key to write High-quality content. Readers should spend time on our blog and come back to our blog to find a solution for their next similar problems. He can also share and spread the word of mouth publicity. The best marketing is mouth publicity and mouth publicity works after high-quality content.

Create 15+ Posts:

How to get Google AdSense approval

There are as such no fixed conditions on writing X number of blogs but you can write blogs in between 10 to 20 and try your luck to apply for Google AdSense Approval. According to my, consistency of blogging is more important than the number of blogs. If you want a plan for creating 15+ posts then you should have a calendar in place for the next 1 or 2 months. Here, you can decide and choose what to write well in advance. The second important point is posting at a regular interval to satisfy Google Algorithm. Google AdSense respect the continuity of writing of your niche

Create About and Contact Us Pages:

How to get Google AdSense approval

These are very important pages on any website. Creating About and Contact Us pages adds value to your site. Readers should feel safe and trust your site. About Us and Contact Us pages give confidence to readers. They can reach for any questions or suggestions.

Create Privacy Policy:

How to get Google AdSense approval

A privacy policy is a page that makes readers feel more secure and safe. Your personal information should not get shared with unknown users. These terms and conditions make the website more trustworthy.

Restricted content:

How to get Google AdSense approval

According to my, there are few words or phrases that are risky to write blogs. These words might prevent you to get Google AdSense approval. I have my experience where I applied for Google AdSense and got rejected two times. These words are “Affiliate Marketing”, “Dropshipping”, “Make Money Online”, “Offers” and many such keywords. These keywords are getting used to attract traffic to your site. Google wanted us to write content wisely. We cannot make a fool out of our readers. I would suggest you be genuine and real while writing content.

Use your own images:

How to get Google AdSense approval

Images make your blog more presentable and memorable. The right image can make your blog viral. Images also get indexed quickly than blogs. We sometimes just copy images from another site and use them according to our requirements. We cannot just copy and paste. We have to create our own images. There multiple sites available where you can find royalty-free images and use them accordingly. You can take a reference from existing images and create your own images.

Website Age Maters:

How to get Google AdSense approval

A domain name is as important as your name. Right, the Domain name can rank your site as quickly as possible. The old Domain name creates value in comparison to the new domain. Domain has to be renewed yearly basis and that shows we are serious about our business. The cancellation of the new domain is more than the old domain. Old Fine wine is costlier than new wine as it got taken care of by owners for a longer period. The same applies to your domain name. The older domain gets decent traffic and repeats readers than the new domain.

Website simplicity and Website Navigation:

How to get Google AdSense approval

Simplicity is more attractive than ever. Our readers should get the right mixture of simplicity and navigation. Internal links and external links make your blog easier to find the content in the right place. CTR of the site gets improved with the help of simple design and navigation.

Make sure you are 18-year-old:

How to get Google AdSense approval

Google wanted us to be an 18+-year-old to get Google AdSense Approval. It might look tricky condition but important for Google. You have to make sure of completing 18+ years of your age before applying for Google AdSense. There are other ways of doing it but I would suggest you work hard on the blogging site till the time you cross 18 years. It will give you ample time to learn new things and get experienced.

Remove other Ads while applying:

How to get Google AdSense approval

Google AdSense doesn’t get approved if your site has a third-party running. I would suggest you all who would like to apply for Google AdSense should keep patience and not indulge in third-party ads.

Google AdSense is a dream for many bloggers. Bloggers work hard on blogging and they should get paid to keep the good work up and running. I would suggest you all new bloggers work on quality content. Writing need more research and even more passion.

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