How to increase your website traffic with CTR

“Friends, if you are worried about CTR, Impressions, and Google Search Position then this Blog is for you. I will let you know a few simple easy SEO Task To Get More Website Traffic for sure.”

Losing opportunities is losing time, money, and fame. Your shop has quality items but no one recognizing them. You are a better blogger but with no traffic. 

We always focus on keyword ranking on the google search engine report page (SERP) but somewhere, we lose focus on clicks on the pages i.e., CTR (Click-through rate). Good SEO is nothing but getting a high Click-through rate (CTR) on the Website. 

How to increase traffic on website?

Every Website would always prefer to rank organically rather than paid ranking. Organic CTR is an important parameter to judge a website’s performance. Ranking on Google pages helps to get impressions on the site, but the impression does not generate conversions. Click-through Rate (CTR) can guarantee conversions. Leads turn into a business with the right CTR. 

In this blog, I will tell you the simplest method to increase the CTR of the Website, which is free and easy to implement. We will try to learn how to rank the top 10 to top 30 keywords of SERP in Top 3. This method requires Google Search Console. We all know that Google Search Console is a tool to help and check Keyword ranking and index keywords of website pages. Google Search Console also helps to track Google Crawler’s walk on the Website. 

How to increase traffic on website with CTR:

If you are visiting any shop for shopping the first thing that came to mind is the Name of the shop.

The same applies to online shops too. Online shops or Websites are consisting of the name of the Website (Domain Name), Title of the site (Heading), and Description of the site. Let’s try to understand few important parameters to optimize the website.

How to increase your website traffic URL: URL is the main door for the users and google crawlers to enter into the house, i.e., Website. If your URL doesn’t consist of the keyword, it is a big no for SEO. Especially google crawlers always take notice of your URL while indexing. This technique will help you  to increase traffic on website

Title Tag: Title Tag is nothing but your identity. If your user found Title Tag interesting, emotional and powerful words, they will click it. For example, a Boring title can get your impressions but an interesting title will assure you clicks. 

Headline Formula: (Odd Number) + Emotional Objective + Content 

Meta Description: Meta title should have keywords to be projected with the sentences. Keywords should be just stuffed but use it with the best objective. 

Snippet: According to the recent survey, Snippets started generating 30% more CTR than without snippets. Users can directly reach the destination page rather than the home page, where they spend more time on site. It reduces bounce rates too. 

Now, let’s check CTR with step-by-step process. You can easily implement it for your website.

Step 1: Open your Google Search Console account and integrate it with your Website. Let the search console start collecting data on your site. It might require three days to 1 week. 

Step 2: Once Search Console starts giving you results on the dashboard you start working on increasing  your website traffic with CTR

How to increase your website traffic with CTR

Here, you can see Total Impressions, Avg CTR, Average Keyword Ranking position, and the Total number of clicks. CTR gets calculated with the below formula.

CTR=Total Impressions / Total Clicks

CTR depends on many factors on the website and mainly rich keywords or popular keywords might get higher clicks than less popular or weak keywords.

2) Find out weak pages

Here, you have to find quires (Keywords) with high impressions with low CTR respective to the top positions of the keywords.

How to increase your website traffic with CTR

Step 3: Queries or Keywords should get evaluated based on impressions. Click on Filter News and select positions.

How to increase your website traffic with CTR:

Then select the “Smaller than” tab from the drop-down list and request for top 10 positions.

How to increase your website traffic with CTRHow to increase your website

Step 4: Now you can see 10 results from max to lowest impressions. These results are for the top 10 keywords ranking on SERP.

How to increase your website traffic with CTR

Here, you need to select keywords that have maximum impressions and lowest CTR.

  1. We can see the keyword “msbte admission 2020-21” with 2715 impressions and 0.6% CTR and ranking on 1st page of Google at 9.7 (10th) position.
  2. We can see the keyword “option form for engineering admission 2020” with 1704 impressions and 0.4% CTR and ranking on 1st page of Google at 9 (10th) positions.

Now, we have optimized the site by doing an On-Page of the site.

A select keyword needs to be work on.

How to increase your website

and then open the page

How to increase your website

Open this link with the new page and SEO Minion tool to check whether this Keyword is available in Page Title, Meta Description, Web URL.

The keyword is not available in any form of On-Page parameters.


This is the way to find out high impressions and low CTR keywords. Now you have to add these keywords in Meta Title, Meta Description, Snippet, and URL.

How to increase your website

This will help you to rank the performance of the keyword within a few days. With this activity, you can improve the keyword ranking from 3rd page to 2nd and then 1st page. Once your keywords have a 2% to 3% avg of CTR, your keywords will rank in the Top 3 positions of SERP and increase your website traffic.


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