How to Install SSL certificate Godaddy


How to add an SSL certificate to a website on GoDaddy?

  • Select the file and then select Open.
  • If you want to, type a description of the certificate in the Description text box.
  • Select Upload Certificate.
  • When you get confirmation that the certificate has been saved, select Go Back.
  • At the bottom of the SSL Certificates page, select Return to SSL Manager.
  • Under Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS), select Manage SSL Sites.
  • In the Install an SSL Website section, select Browse Certificates.
  • Select the certificate that you want to activate and select Use Certificate. This will auto-fill the fields for the certificate.
  • At the bottom of the page, select Install Certificate.
  • On the Successfully Installed pop-up, select OK.
  • Your certificate is installed! Now you need to direct visitors to the secure version of your site by redirecting to HTTPS.

An SSL certificate in GoDaddy is the name of a cryptographic protocol that establishes a connection between a web server and a browser. This link ensures the privacy of the data between a web server and a browser.

It works like a sealed envelope where your mail is safe and secure. SSL certificated in GoDaddy keeps the information private and inspires the trust of the potential customers by establishing a secure connection.

So next time make sure you visit a website with SSL to secure your information automatically. It connects the server and browser by using an encrypted link.

Without an SSL certificate in GoDaddy, you may get in trouble and your website cannot rank. An SSL certificate plays a major safety role as it secures your domain name and user information.

While visiting a website make sure you notice URLs start is it HTTP:// or HTTPS://? Let us see in detail.

http:// vs https://

  • The URL start will show the sites with HTTP or HTTPS, HTTP full form is Hypertext Transfer Protocol. HTTP provides standard rules of communication between web browsers and servers.
  • Where any information can be transmitted to the world wide websites. It is a stateless protocol where each command executes separately with no reference to the previous run command.
  • On the other hand HTTPS:// stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, it is an advanced secure version that provides a secure encrypted connection between web browser and server.
  • It offers the complete security of data and secure information from any leakage. This extra “s” is called SSL, which stands for secure sockets layers. So whenever you notice these extra “s” With HTTP get relaxed about your data and information with the website.

Benefits of How to add an SSL certificate to a website

1) It increases customer trust

Padlock assures customers that their information is safe and secure and data will not leak to unauthorized parties.

2) Protects sensitive information

An extended validation certificate protects your sensitive information. By showing the business name of the owner in the address bar.

3) It ranks your website in better search engine

HTTPS is considered as ranking your website in Google world’s biggest search engine.
The user always wants to feel safe and an SSL certificate in GoDaddy assures your safety from hackers by enabling the secure connection between a user and his clients. Now it is important to see how an SSL works.

How To add SSL Certificates in to website GoDaddy Work-

How to Install SSL certificate work is based on PKI public key infrastructure and PKC public key cryptography. This method follows two cryptographic keys, one is the public key and another is the private key.

These keys are stored in a digital certificate and as the name implies public key can be shared with everyone who visits the website and unknowingly you may use this key, so by viewing SSL certificate details in the browser you may know about the public key. These keys are different yet combine.

 A safe connection can establish when the client verifies that both Public and private key matches. It has 3 simple ways to install.

  1. Buy a certificate from a trusted CA
  2. After the activation, install the certificate
  3. To secure your content modify your site to HTTPS.

SSL certificates are of 3 types, hence each provides a different level of security. Following are the types to see.

Types of SSL certificates In GoDaddy

1) Domain validated DV

Domain validated verifies the owner of the website. It is a simple way, where they verify the identity by sending an email to the web registered mail address.

It does not require more information about the company. As they are easy to get so mostly used by cybercriminals, make sure you know about their level of trust.

2) Organization validated OV

To receive this certificate your need certain information. Like the organization, its location, and website domain name.

This process takes 1 to 2 days and has a moderate level of trust, it is good for general
Public websites.

3) Extended validation EV

It is one of the most important certificates for websites that carry a high level of security.

To issue this certificate CA performs a strong review, this review process involves applicants’ identity, examination of Organization documents, checking the information with the third-party database.

When a website has an extended validation certificate it contains a padlock on the URL bar and shows the company name in green color.

“SSL certificate In GoDaddy shows a secure connection between personal device and website, keeping an SSL certificate is a smart way to protect our customers from scammers and victims. Let us see who need this certificate .”

Who may need an SSL certificate In GoDaddy –

SSL certificate secures the following information

  • Logins & passwords
  • Financial information (Credit card transactions and bank              account information)
  • Personal data (full name, address, DOB, phone number)
  • Propriety information
  • Legal documents and contracts
  • Clients list
  • Medical records


To save their users SSL certificates have become a necessity of successful websites, while it is not compulsory to use but with the increasing websites and their users, all companies are going forward to purchase this certificate to assure their user’s safety and higher search visibility.

Through this, your website will appear more secure and become a connecting platform for users. This will reflect positivity on your business and help you to stand in the competition. So adopt a good SSL certificate for your website to grow.


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