How to use Keyword Golden Ratio


The “keyword golden ratio” or KGR is a great technique to find a primary and secondary keyword to rank. It will also help you focus on Long Tail keywords initially and then short tail keywords. Implement this technique and rank your keyword from 24 hours to 7 days.

How To Calculate Keyword Golden Ratio

If you have a new website or Blogging page or Affiliate Page and getting difficulty ranking on Google, then this keyword technique will help you to grow faster. Watch this video completely and don’t stop in the middle then only you will learn this Unique Keyword Research Technique.

KGR Formula

Please find the link below to download the excel file where you can add your keywords and start doing your keyword research.

Keyword Golden Ratio:

Definition of Keyword Golden Ratio 

According to Doug and some other Digital marketing professionals, it would be an excellent Keyword Golden Ratio concept because the quantity of Google searches suggests that only roughly 30 websites on the web goal the keyword in the headline. Any content addressing that keyword will be more important than the rest well with little competition and a large search volume.

A Keyword Golden Ratio seems to be an information technology for discovering neglected long-tail keywords on the web.

Meaning of Keyword Golden Ratio

Using Keyword Golden Ratio is just a terrific strategy to enhance organic traffic from search, enhance affiliated site earnings, and maybe make it into the top 100, even top 50 Search suggestions in under a few days.

Typically, with Keyword Golden Ratio, one chooses a few distinct sub-niche keywords related to the primary keyword and see if they meet the criteria, that is, if:

  • The number of keywords is fewer than 250.
  • Challenge seems to be a keyword with a value compared with fewer than 20.
  • The keyword frequency exceeds 5.
  • Allintitle’s AR is below 0.25.

Types of Keywords

One of the most effective and successful ways for determining the optimal term for a blog is the Keyword Golden Ratio. In this strategy, users need to use Long-Tailed Low-Search-Volume Keywords instead of Short-Tail High-Search-Volume Keywords.

Long-tail keywords

get minimal search traffic, indicating that they have a low level of competition. Longer Tail keywords are indeed being experimented with through professionals to promote their websites. Companies can locate their most efficient and economic keywords by using the Keywords Golden Ratio Statistical method to formulate the results.

Short Tail Keywords

contain words that contain just one or two words. They are less precise than ones that contain fewer words due to their length. Short tail keywords are those with three or fewer words in them. including a wedding dress and add-topics Keywords with a short tail are referred to as head terms.

Why try Keyword Golden Ratio? 

The Golden Ratio is useful for five different reasons.

Maintain your motivation

It takes time to build a successful specialty site, yet newbie internet companies need to see little victories early on to keep motivated. Early sightings of web traffic and sales (cha-ching!) demonstrate how one extra effort may repay.

Make Effort a Priority

You may prioritize which keywords and material to publish first, rather than blindly taking shots at hundreds of keywords. The Keyword Golden Ratio might assist you to cut down your list and focusing on low-hanging fruit terms where you can compete.

Maintain a neutral viewpoint

When it comes to several issues, going with your instinct is great, yet keyword research is not among them. (At least not for the time being.) Using a real-time strategy consistently offers businesses reasonable expectations about how each keyword term they target will perform.

Make an impression

Most individuals (including your rivals) will avoid determining Keyword Golden Ratio because it is a laborious process. You’ll gain access to rich information that they won’t be able to go into a couple of seconds using a free online application.

Competition within Innovate Game

Few activities are much more motivating than just seeing your site appear among well-known rivals in Google’s targeted keywords.


Finally, I’d like to point out that the Keyword Golden Ratio will be your passport to fast progress, which is critical when you’re just starting up with your website. Furthermore, the Golden Rule can be determined by taking the total number of in-title results by the total number of searches. These are some of the best SEO strategies among newbies are the Keyword Golden Ratio. 


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Thanks, sir providing great information about the Keyword Golden Ratio is a great technique to find a primary and secondary keyword to rank. Thanks for the relevant information, sir.


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