What is Google My Business?

Google My Business Facts




Google My Business is an advanced marketing tool that connects customers with businesses. 


By managing it for free, you can drastically increase your chances of being found online and collecting revenue. 


This is one of the essential features which gives you a presence on Google maps search results.


“Google My Business is your Business on the first page of Google local maps at free of cost.”


82% of consumers worldwide use Google to find information online. 

Many Case studies have shown that nearly 96% of all the search results will never go past Google’s First Page. People are using computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones to find local businesses and services like yours with the keyword called “Near Me”.


It is prevalent in India nowadays to search for services in our city or even in our neighbourhood. 


When competition is sky high, every Business must get registered on Google Local Maps. The website needs to be too focused on the specific search terms (Keywords/quires) that people are looking for and in the geographical areas that they’re interested in.


“When we search on Google for a solution, service or product with for specific location, town or a city, that is the exact time when Google’s Local Map will appear.”


For Example: Let’s say you live in Navi Mumbai, Nagpur, or Pune, you are feeling hungry and looking for Pizza or Bugger. 


Google “Best fast food in Vashi” and even before showing you the best fast-food list on the google page, it will show you the top three local results on the map.


Here’s the Result: These Google My Business local SEO results are always different from the SERP (search results). 


It is below the Google MAP. Local listings can be seen first than any other search results on the Google page. 


You are ranking high on the local listing matters so much. For example, if you search. 


“Zappcode Solutions” in Nagpur local listing will rank on the first page of Google.”


Google’s Local Map will showcase between 3 and 6 local places on Google’s First Page. 

Optimization of local map puts your BusinessBusiness right in front of the customer’s first glance. 


It gives the company’s contact information and exact location with directions to local searchers looking for your product or service.

Google algorithms are the deciding factor in order of the results on Google number one page. 

This is Google’s secret of making sure that Google My Business on the number page, Google is constantly changing and altering the algorithm to mix up the results.


“This is what we want to say here, getting any business ranked on Google’s Local Map and keeping it there is no simple task and requires constant efforts to maintained it.”


Google Maps Optimization is one of the “Free Gift” to every Business around. 

Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing first step is to get your page ranked on a local listing. 


It has a revolutionary way for small and medium-sized local businesses like Salon, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Beauty parlours, Pharmacists, or Retail store can reach their local market and local customers.


Importance of “Google My Business

The Importance of Google My Business depends on many factors like in the followings:- 

It assists business owners in managing and updating business listings throughout the Google Ecosystem.

This CRM feature was created by Google to assist businesses in establishing an online presence that will enable members to conduct searches to obtain also basic name, address, phone number information, but also other types of information such as business hours and specifications regarding the quality of infrastructure like parking and so on.

The most crucial advantage that Google My Business may provide for your company is strong internet visibility.

Google My Business includes a feedback feature that enables your consumers to write you feedback, increasing your risks of getting posit the I’ve brand image.

The unified interface is a simple, consumer application that lets you manage your company’s data across multiple Search engine platforms.

It might be extremely beneficial to businesses, such as if Anil owns a small clothing store and tries to encourage it to as many people as possible in the area free.

Google My Business accounts offer plenty of channels available. Only with a single click, prospective clients can get to your website and click you.

The Google My Business page offers substantial people the best they need to communicate to the company.



“Digital Marketing is nothing but to have an in-depth understanding of how the Google Maps algorithm works and its factors which are used to determine the rankings of Local Business Listings.

It gives you a competitive advantage or USP in your area. It can help any business to boost the Google Maps Rankings. It guides your customers on how to confirm your rankings over time.”


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