9 Tips – How to choose the best hosting for wordpress in India


Web hosting is an essential service that allows users to publish and store website files on a web server. Every Website you create is hosted on a server and hosting companies provide allocated space for the Website to store.


Hosting is like a home to our Website, and like our home. When we choose a hosting provider company, we constantly search for the best and cheapest WordPress hosting in India.


While choosing the best hosting for WordPress in India, many questions pop up in our brain, and you need to understand the type of web hosting services you are looking for, choose the best and affordable web hosting. There are a few points you need to consider.

There are three types of Best hosting for WordPress in India

1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the primary web hosting and is excellent for small and medium entry-level websites. It is the same as renting an apartment where you and your roomie share the same accommodation with different bedrooms, but the kitchen, living room, water, and electricity they share are the same. Similar to this, shared hosting is best for small and medium-level websites. It is cheap, and as the name implies, it shares resources with other websites on the singular server.

2.VPS Hosting

VPS stands for a virtual private server. This hosting is way better than shared hosting. When a website outgrows, it is evident for the owner to upgrade themself from shared to VPS hosting plan.

A virtual private server is like renting an apartment, but this time not sharing it with a roommate. In this way, you will get more freedom and space.

3.Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers are considered as best hosting servers. Dedicated hosting has more benefits like fast speed and high uptime. It gives you complete ownership, which belongs to you alone.

However, because of its quality and services, this hosting is quite expensive. Since you are not sharing it with anyone, your site provides the best performance. Dedicated hosting is like having your own house with full of freedom to do gardening, renovations, and arrangements, all is up to you.

Before buying the best hosting plan, it is essential to understand the need for a website, which will help users buy a plan accordingly. The type of site you are building will require a few points to consider-

Consider these points for WordPress Web Host

If you are a blogger and urged to create a blog on a website, the hosting provider must have WordPress hosting. The critical factor of blogging web host is to look for an affordable web host as initially, you may not make money, choose an intelligent host since you want to add more visitors prefer high uptime and plenty of server space as you need a large number of content resources to share with your readers.

Online Store: Consider an eCommerce Hosting Service

Building an eCommerce requires choosing an all-around eCommerce hosting provider. The best hosting services will provide better speed and accessibility to your business.

If you are an eCommerce man who owns an online store, then you must go for more spacious hosting services which will provide you better access to your business, and through this, you can manage your Products well.

Online portfolio or resume: Consider a Website Builder

Stop spending hours on formatting your resume or choosing fronts to cover the letter. Now build your resume or portfolio with the website builder and get an attractive overview without a fuss.

Choose the best website builder and customize your resume. With a few simple clicks, you can change fonts, colors, layouts and add graphics for the suitable position you are applying for.

To eliminate the issues, always consider a good hosting provider that is compatible with the Website.

Personal Site: Consider a low cost and a high-value host

If you are a start-up company or have a small business, go for the low-cost best hosting service and ensure you are not compromising on services and values. Sometimes with low-cost hosting providers

You may face issues like storage, uptime, face speed, and hanging, so always go with affordable hosting services but prefer a class.

When you are new to the online market choosing the best web hosting company can be difficult for you, and you might be struggling to find the top web hosting service provider for your Website-

So here we are listing nine unique features for buying the best web hosting services.


 9 Best tips for buying best Web Hosting

There are many web hosting companies in the market but to show you the best, here we are comparing with these four market leatips for buying best Web Hostingders as many people use their services-

1) HostGator

2) GoDaddy

3) Hostinger

4) Bluehost



Uptime means due to maintenance, and your running website stops suddenly, so your Website’s average time is essential as it can affect sales and the traffic of the visitors. Even with an hour of downtime, you may lose a lot of potential deals.

That is why you should always look for a web hosting provider with 99.9% uptime. If it is below, then you should consider a different provider.

2. Location 

Location is essential. While choosing a web hosting provider, consider the server from the same country or nearby country. If your website work is from India, then select an Indian location company or some nearby countries.

If your server is from the US, you may get some signal issues, which can be time-consuming. So before buying web hosting, confirm the location first.

3. Storage & RAM

If you have a large website with lots of content, videos, photos, and pages, storage is likely an issue. Most hosting plans come with storage and RAM features. After paying some amount, you may get an unlimited storage and RAM. Before buying, confirm the storage plan with RAM.

4. Scalability

Scalability is one of the essential features to consider when choosing a hosting web service. Your Website starts growing as per the response of the visitors and web traffic. You also need the ability to scale your web hosting service with your business. Your web hosting services must have the ability to move you from shared hosting to VPS hosting without going offline.

5. Bandwidth

Bandwidth explains the quality of traffic and allows data to travel between your websites. Each hosting company offers different bandwidth. This indicates the hosting company’s best system and network connections.

Small businesses with fewer visitors do not require bandwidth. As enterprises expand, the need for bandwidth increases.

6. Website Builder

A website builder is a tool that the hosting provider offers you to create a great website. Whether you know to code or are a beginner, this feature provides a templates function to create a website without any help from the web designer.

7. Back up

Back up is an important service that you receive from the hosting provider. All companies do not offer this service, so make sure your web provider is giving you service. Back-ups help you to restore data from the Website. It can be every month, weekly or daily.

8. Security & Support

A good hosting provider usually provides complete security and support at times of difficulty and offers total data safety. Make sure your web provider is offering this feature to eliminate the hack and approval by various methods include phone, emails, and live chats.

9. Understand how web hosting pricing works

Now last and the most important point is web hosting pricing. We are always in search of the best affordable web hosting services. Make sure you get the best deal and buy web hosting services during the discount period. Also, your hosting company offers you additional services without an extra charge. Negotiate with your web hosting provider and make the best deal.

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