If you are struggling with how to build a digital marketing resume for fresher or to find a sample Resume for a Digital marketing Fresher, then you are on the right page. I have been in Digital Marketing for the last 18 years and have interviewed more than 500 candidates. As a founder of and, I know the current requirements of any organization.

Being a Marketing Professional for the last two decades, I have seen many changes in the profile of Marketing, and I am also aware of the fact of Digital Marketing candidates. Let’s find out  Digital Marketing resume for freshers in this blog. This blog is about a live example of creating a Resume for freshers in Digital marketing.

Here, you will learn to make a resume by adding the below points.

1.How to write experience as an intern  

2.How to write Skills and USP in Digital Marketing 

3.How to use Canva to make Professional Resume 

4.How to add Digital Marketing core competencies for Freshers.

I will focus on every section of the Resume and divide the Resume into two pages and multiple departments.

  1. The first page will focus on Profile Pic, Objective, Work Experience, Core Competencies, Education, Contact, and Awards.
  2. The second page will focus on Project Worked on, Specialities, Hobbies, skills, and interests of the candidate.

Importance of Profile Picture in the Resume:

Gone are those days when only text-based content was an essential requirement on the Resume. In today’s time, the Company would like to see your picture to relate you with the position and check confidence before calling you. You cannot add a Party picture to your Resume.

The display picture should have a white background with Professional or semi-professional attire. There is no need to wear new clothes and click a picture, but you can choose recently used clothes to click an image. The shirt should be in light color with dark trousers.

Proper clothing creates the right impression.

How to define Objective:

Many candidates copy objectives from their seniors and paste them into their Resume. The Objective cannot be copied as every candidate is different, and the aim should be more crisp and clear. Your Objective reflects your career goals.

Sample of Objective of Digital marketing Professional or Fresher

“Recent bachelor and blogger with self-taught knowledge in gaining traffic with increasing CTR conversions. Seeking to leverage personal approach to Digital Marketing and become the next Digital Marketing Specialist for this Company.”

How to add Work Experience:

 As a fresher, you might not have adequate experience to add to your resume, but your Internship or working on your website is also adding value to your experience column. You can add relevant experience whatever you have in months or years.

Sample of Work Experience of Freshers in Digital marketing:

  • Marketing Coordinator with six months of experience in managing a few national and international companies’ websites.
  • Implemented new keyword research techniques to increase business by 15%.
  • Worked on real estate FB ads to create quality leads.
  • Identified and executed improvements for processes, content, and awareness.
  • Collaborated with Content Team to promote blog posts and guest posts.
  • Provided market research, forecasts, campaign results, and consumer trends.
  • Implemented a new strategy to find keywords per the latest trends.
  • Suggested new SEO tools, which increased content writers’ output by 25%.

How to find Core Competencies:

Core competency is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), and you need to add your inbuild interest in the field. If you’re a Digital Marketing, your core competencies might vary from Content Marketing to Graphic Designing.

How to add Education:

Education has more importance in past times. Today, Education is just about the degree and nothing else. Everyone knows in Covid; students just copied from google and answers to crack any exams. Companies’ have lost faith in the current online exam patterns.

I would recommend you all to focus on experience rather than exams. Just add two sentences and let the employer know about your educational background.

How to add Awards:

If you have experience as an intern, then Company might have given any award related to your field that adds value to the employer’s perception.

Sample Resume:

You can click and download the sample resume for Digital Marketing Professionals:



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