Welcome to the most important searches in today’s time: “Zero Click Searches” for the user but the least important searches for the website owners. 

Friends, If you search quires on google, get the answer on the top of the page with a simple snippet, then who the hell is going to the website to find your result. 

Is Google intentionally making a fool out of us? 

Is Google wanted us to shut down our website and go for “Thali Bajao”

Are Zero Click Searches suitable for Website Owners?

If yes, then which business? 

In a simple view, it looks like a Tauktae Cyclone which means disaster. It seems like releasing a movie in theatres during the pandemic. 

So let me tell you, Zero Click Searches is not about eating Daal Chawal every day, but it can offer you Biryani or Pizza too. How is it related to the Zero Click Searches? Daal Chawal means no traffic to the site but Biryani is huge traffic.

Let’s find out. 

What is Zero Click Searches: future of blogging?

Zero Click Search is nothing but the results on the top of SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), so the user should not need to browse more on google to find answers. These searches are simple question and their solutions. 

According to the survey conducted by Search Engine Journal, 34.4% of all desktop searches and 62.5% of all Mobile searches results in Zero Click Search. 

Types of Zero Click Searches:

  • Instant Search or Answer: Sometimes, we search on google to get answers without in-depth research. If we ask questions like “who is the founder of apple,” you will get the answer as mentioned below. 

  • Knowledge Graph: As you all know, a Knowledge graph is the extraction of information from Google’s database. Google shows information about the search query about Celebrities, Brands, or any specific items. If you want to know more about Apple’s founders, you can check the knowledge graph without even visiting the website mentioned on SERP. 

  • Calculators: Here, we can calculate numbers in the search tab to get the correct answer. 

  • Definition: We can check the description of the full forms of the words directly on the top of SERP results. 

  • Maps: We can use google maps to reach your destination directly without visiting any other sites.

  • Featured Snippet: It is a short form of description or details of the search result. Many Digital Marketers or SEO experts called features snippets “Position 0”. 
  1. It means snippets on ranking top of the SERP. 
  2. Snippets represent users intent for the questions like “How to” and “what is.” 
  3. Snippets are generally displayed for longtail keywords. 
  4. Google prefers straightforward content in the snippets. We have made our content’s intent and writeup as easy as possible. 

These are the types of Zero Click Searches.

Is Blogging dying?

Bloggers are concerned about their organic ranking on Google. Every coin has two sides same is applicable with Zero Click Searches. It has positive and negative impacts. So, what is the future of blogging ? Let’s analyze. 

Negatives: Zero Clicks Searches hampers few Blogging niches like News, Ringtones, Quotes, Job Posting, Lyrics, and Live scores. Users can get this information right on the top of the google page. The user does not bother to click on the pages (SERPs) to get what he wants on the top. 

  • If there are no clicks, then there is no traffic
  • No earnings from AdSense

Positives: Zero Click Search opens new gateways for quality and meaningful content. 

  • Featured Snippets: Google selects the easiest and specific content to display in feature snippets. Bloggers have chances to appear on the top of SERPs. Blogs for direct queries have more chances to rank in feature snippets. 
  • Add schema in the blog to make google understand your content. 
  • Content should be original and unique.         
  • Niche like Digital Marketing, SEO, Research, Health, Fitness, Beauty Tips, Financial Advises, Rental Properties, Real Estate has bigger chances to get traffic. 

Blogging is here to stay but for the excellent quality niches and content. 


According to the latest study of Similar Web, 34..59% of searches bring Clicks on the websites, and 64.82% of searches bring Zero Click Searches. Paid CTR gets 1.59% results. 

More searches due to Covid:

According to Similar Web, the total number of searches in 2019 was 3.5 Billion. It means 40,000 searches per day. In 2020, the total number of searches on google increased to 5.4 billion, which is 70,000 searches per day.

This change in numbers is due to the Covid pandemic. People have started searching more than ever for online shopping, education, or any other requirements. Due to thirst Corvid, the third wave in 2021, expected searches would be more than 7 billion.

Here, we can sum up, 

  • In 2019, when searches were 3.5 billion, then Zero click searches were 50% of 3.5 billion. It means organic searches were 1.75 billion (Approx). 
  • In 2020, when searches were 5.4 billion, then Zero click searches were 50% of 5.4 billion. It means organic searches were 2.7 billion (Approx). 
  • In 2021, when searches are expected to be 7 billion, then Zero click searches were 50% of 7 billion. It means organic searches to improve 3.5 billion (Approx). 

It means Organic searches are improving year on year basis. We can work on quality and unique content. Google will help you to grow CTR on your website.  

According to Google, 10 to 15% of searches belong to new inquiries, and Google can show them at the top of the page. Our blogging needs to be fresh and unique to get our share of traffic. Don’t worry, the Future of blogging is bright. All the best.


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