How to choose domain name for WordPress website


Best hosting for WordPress in India Domain name decides your name, it is an identity of your business. A domain name identifies a network domain and is formed by the rules and procedures of the domain name system.

Registration of these names is usually done by domain name registrars, who sell their services to the public. This name is a personalized address of the website so it should be easy to remember and share to catch the traffic of the visitors.

Best hosting name for WordPress there are many sites for a domain name, but here we are showing these two websites. They are third-party sellers and distributers also they have rights to sell the domain name.

1) Godaddy

2) Bigrock

As our website bring traffic and visitors, so choosing an effective domain name is important. Here we have a few useful tips for buying a domain name.

Following are the 9 tips to choose the right domain name for your website

1) Choose carefully your top-level domain extension.

Best Hosting for WordPress in India the top-level domain extension is very important, the domain name is an image of your company and represents your product and services. If you want to raise your business internally use (.com) always.

There are few options-

.com- for ecommerce business

.uk, .usa, .in – is a country specific domain name.

2) Incorporate keywords strategically

Cheapest WordPress Hosting In India corporating keywords is an important point where you have to choose your keywords strategically so that they will be visible in SEO search engine optimization. Using appropriate keywords and URL is important if keywords come in URL the chances SEO will increase and this will rank our website.

 tips to choose the right domain name for your website

3) Make sure your domain is easy to pronounce and spell

While choosing a domain name make sure it is easy to pronouns, short and simple to spell. A difficult name has no way to promote your startup company.

4) Avoid Hyphens

Using hyphens can be tricky to your domain name, as it is difficult to pronounce and share. Hence it is best to avoid them.

5) Stay Unique and branded

When it comes to choosing a domain name it should be unique not copied from others, as copied names are difficult to rank in search engine optimization and this may confuse visitors.

To create a unique domain name to give an identity to your business and brand.

6) Pick a flexible domain name

Pick a flexible domain name as the name you choose will represent your whole identity and significantly impact your business success. So choose wisely.

7) Protect your brand with multiple domains

There are many domains name available in the market, your domain name should be different from other brands, similar names may confuse visitors.

A unique name will help your business to grow without allowing other similar domain names to enter the competition.

8) Keep your domain name short

Keep your domain name short and simple, it is always best to have a word count between 10 to 15 words not more than this. If your domain name is lengthy and long, the risk of customers mistyping and misspelling is quite high.

9) Pricing

Buy a domain name with easy and affordable pricing, wait for offer time and choose the best deal.

With the above information go and choose the best domain name, as your brand name is one of the biggest element that designs your business that’s why you should get right on a first try choose the right domain by keeping your long-term vision in mind.


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